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    Penny From "The Big Bang Theory" Wore The Same Shirt In The Pilot And Series Finale, And 39 Other Genius 2000s TV Details

    Drake and Josh saw a fake movie called Now She's Carly, foreshadowing iCarly.

    1. _Codename: Kids Next Door _(2002–2008)

    2. _How I Met Your Mother _(2005–2014)

    3. _Avatar: The Last Airbender _(2005–2008)

    4. _The Office (US) _(2005–2013)

    Pam using the teapot Jim gave her for the Finer Things Club

    5. _Lost _(2004–2010)

    6. _Scrubs _(2001–2010)

    Turk listing nicknames of J.D.'s ex-girlfriends: "Gift shop girl, mole butt, Tina two-kids, rumplefugly"
    J.D. listing nicknames of his ex-girlfriends: "Mole butt, Tina two-kids, rumplefugly, gift shop girl"

    7. _The Wire _(2002–2008)

    8. _Malcolm in the Middle _(2000–2006)

    9. _My Name Is Earl _(2005–2009)

    HD easter eggs hidden at a political rally, the bar, and the newspaper

    10. _Community _(2009–2015)

    11. _The King of Queens _(1998–2007)

    12. _Everybody Hates Chris _(2005–2009)

    Julius' "Overlook Hotel" name tag, in reference to "The Shining"

    13. _The Big Bang Theory _(2007–2019)

    14. _SpongeBob SquarePants _(1999–)

    15. _The Proud Family _(2001–2005)

    16. _Breaking Bad _(2008–2013)

    Pink teddy bear in Jane's wall painting; Pink teddy bear falling from the sky

    17. _That '70s Show _(1998–2006)

    18. _Drake & Josh _(2004–2007)

    19. _Arrested Development _(2003–2019)

    20. _The Sopranos _(1999–2007)