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Some People Definitely Weren't Born To Be Moms, And Here Are 15 Examples To Back Up My Claim

Being a mom is a privilege, not a right.

Warning: This post contains topics of verbal abuse, domestic abuse, anti-trans, and anti-gay comments. Please proceed with caution.

1. This mom, who tried to make her son feel guilty when he didn't share his flight information:

Mom making her kid feel guilty that they didn't share their flight information
Kid standing up for themselves, and mom responding: "You're a grown adult who needs to have some responsibility to all of your family"
Kid defending themselves: "Every time there's a slight against you, you always come at me"
Mom: "Do you and when you decide you need a family again instead of allowing toxicity push you away from everything, you know I'll be here"

2. This mom, who blamed her kid for their damaging and toxic relationship:

"The first 13 years before you really had any sense of self, when you were physically much smaller and had no freedom — hmm, I wonder why those were the 'best' years."


"I know it's supposed to be a dig and an attempt to stir stuff up, but instead, take her words as a win. Block that email, too, and don't respond — if you do, she gets exactly what she wants."


"My mom likes to write me similar sob stories and passive aggressive messages, too, but she'll continue to message me even after saying, 'Fine, I will never contact you again — have a nice life.' At this point, I’ve received 10 'final goodbye' messages. I’ve never replied to any of them, since she takes any reply as a reason to message me even more, and she never actually tries to understand what I say. She just lashes out and blames me.

That being said, it sounds like she might not keep messaging you now? So that’s a win, right? She wants you to feel guilty, but it’s a good thing if she truly does step away — it’ll give you time to focus on your own life and heal from her mistreatment."


3. This mom, who pushed her anti-vaccine opinions onto her son, knowing that his wife has long-haul COVID:

"The fact that she had the gall to refer to you as healthy people while your wife is fighting long-haul COVID made my blood boil."


"I don't know, mom: People getting a vaccine to prevent serious cases of COVID sounds more plausible than the government wanting to turn everyone into robots. But, then again, I'm not a Facebook scientist — so maybe I'm the idiot."


"Does she explain why she thinks she knows better, or more than the world’s scientific and medical communities? Is the expertise she has in epidemiology, vaccine manufacturing, chronic conditions, research dissemination skills, and investigative journalism part of gestating you, or were her degrees and expertise granted as soon as you crowned? Because it sounds like she thinks being ‘your mom’ has somehow endowed her with an enviable set of certifications."


4. This mom, who said extremely damaging things to her kid after they came out as bisexual:

Mom to child: "Which for someone like me who is 100% heterosexual, hard to wrap my head around"
Mom attempting to defend herself

5. This bio mom, who thought her daughter's therapist was "evil," and made her feel horrible for taking care of her mental health:

Mom to kid: "Ask yourself if you have been improving or only getting worse in the nearly 3 years you've had Lisa as a counselor?"
Kid defending themselves: "You know nothing about me or her. I can go to fucking school without wishing I was dead. I am not sick, I am so much better and you wouldn't know that"

6. This mom, who shamed her daughter for going on a date with another woman:

Mom to daughter: "You will follow our rules or you will be out"
Mom shaming her daughter for going on a date with a woman

7. This stepmom, who texted her stepdaughter deeply cruel things long after she divorced her dad:

Stepmom texting kid harmful things: "Mistakes were made, but not by me"
Kid defending themselves: "You need to move on. I know it makes you feel good to shit on other people"
Stepmom responding: "Just want you to know that you heard me. Actually didn't read your message. Bye"

8. This mom, who tracked down her kid on Instagram after having no contact, and harassed her:

Mom: "If you want us out of your life, so let it be. But I deserve an explanation"
Mom: "I know where you live, so rip the bandaid off or I'll be at your door waiting"
Mom's Instagram page, with a bio that reads: "The truth will come out, and so will justice! I stand firm with my head held high"

9. This mom, who could care less about her daughter and granddaughter's health and well-being:

Mom asking her daughter for Netflix password and not checking in about her granddaughter's health

10. This mom, who ironically went on Facebook to call her daughter out for using Snapchat "behind her back:"

"Ah, yes, public shaming — the most effective kind of parenting without leaving a single scar! Get more bang for your abuse and publicly shame your child today!"


"My dad was this way. He trusted me, and honestly, his trust was WAY more effective than my mom's restrictions and hovering. I didn't want to let my dad down because he respected me, and I wanted to return that respect. I think the key thing here is by never trusting your children to the point you monitor everything they do, you're showing them that your standard for them is low, and your belief that they're a good kid is low. So, if that's the case, why do they need to do better if that's the precedent you've set? Why be good if you already think they're bad?"


"The thing is, this woman is posting this publicly so she can reap the kudos from others. It’s all about the attention she gets for being the 'smart,' 'switched-on' parent she thinks she is, and nothing to do with keeping her child safe on social media."


11. This mom, who criticized her daughter for having a healthy birth control plan:

Mom criticizing her daughter for having a healthy birth control plan
Mom: "You cannot behave this way when you don't have a boyfriend"

12. This mom, who lied to her daughter's face about wrecking her car:

Tweet that reads: "I'll never forget when my sister hit my car and her and my mom kept it a secret from me"

13. This mom, who decided to put her kid's bed up for sale online in order to "teach him a lesson" to clean his room:

The text reads:

"Our son refuses to put clothes away, so we sold his dresser. He won't make his bed? Getting rid of the bed"

14. This mom, who manipulated her kid in the most disgusting way possible when they weren't available to drive their dad to work:

Mom: "You mean you can't drop off or pick up your father at work? Meanwhile you spend the entire day with Valentina? We have made endless modifications FOR YOU"
Mom: "Even daddy picking you up from the airport the other night. Something you've never done for us! The list is never-ending"
Mom: "Your constant 'I Cants' with your parents are very inconsiderate, not to mention ungrateful"
Mom: "Again, I will NOT be silenced anymore! What is wrong is wrong! Your actions are wrong!"

15. And this mom, who accused her kid of taking drugs because he left the toilet seat up in the bathroom:

"I remember when I asked mom if I could have a second ear piercing (just slightly higher on my lobes than the basic ear piercing). I thought the tiny diamonds and the bigger diamonds below would look pretty — her eyes got real big, and she said: 'ARE YOU HAVING SEX?!' I was not having sex — I was 14 and hadn't had my first boyfriend or kiss yet!"


"Senior year of high school, my best friend's dad accused him of taking drugs because he was staying out late on weeknights. He told his father: 'You think I'm taking drugs? Get dressed — let's go to the hospital for a blood test. No, come on — you accuse me, so let's go and see.' He shut his dad right up, and he never accused him again.

What was really happening was we were working a restaurant job after school, and would work until closing almost every night. Then, we'd walk around and walk home, talking stuff through and trying to figure out life."


"A lot of times, I see kids getting mad at their parents over trivial stuff that I also had to go through as a kid, but this? This is a truly bad parent. The toilet seat? Really?!? This person is supposed to be an adult with the responsibility of rearing a child?!? She has the temper of an angsty teenager."


Note: Some posts have been edited for length and/or clarity.

If you are concerned that a child is experiencing or may be in danger of abuse, you can call or text the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-2253 (4.A.CHILD); service can be provided in over 140 languages.