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15 Times Rachel Cancelled Ross's Entire Existence On "Friends"

Ross deserved it 100% of the time.

1. When Rachel royally burned Ross about his performance in the bedroom after she learned that he didn't read her 18-page letter.

Rachel yelling at Ross out of her apartment door that whatever he did during sex isn't that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and it is a big deal

2. When Rachel's sister, Amy, insulted the importance of his PhD compared with doctors who have a medical degree, and Rachel couldn't help but agree with her.

Rachel insulting Ross in their apartment, sarcastically telling him she'd rather him show up at a restaurant to save her life rather than a medical doctor

3. When Ross insisted that his flirting skills successfully worked on Rachel in high school, and she retaliated by letting him know how ineffective they actually were.

Rachel getting real about his flirting skills, telling him it worked on their relationship nine years after the fact

4. When Rachel called out his gloating, sexist behavior after the gals lost to the guys in a game of poker.

Rachel throwing her money on Ross's dining room table, telling the guys: "I'm a man! I have a penis! I have to win money to exert my power over women!"

5. When Ross told her that having Braxton Hicks contractions while pregnant wasn't a big deal, and she immediately cut him off.

Rachel pointing her finger at Ross and telling him if he doesn't have a uterus, he's not allowed to give his opinion

6. When Rachel confronted Ross in front of his entire class after she learned that he lied about annulling their marriage.

Rachel yelling at Ross in front of his students while Ross reacts by freezing in fear

7. When she made fun of him in Central Perk for whitening his teeth for a date.

Rachel walking into Central Perk, telling Ross she could see his teeth from outside

8. When Rachel was in labor with Emma, and she called Ross out on his ridiculous priorities as soon as they arrived at the hospital.

Ross determined to make it to the hospital in record time, and Rachel responding with: "Yes, the hard part is truly over"

9. When Ross kept condescending to Rachel during the gang's Thanksgiving football game, so she let him know how fed up she was.

Rachel throwing a football up against Ross's head

10. When she and the gals laughed in Ross's face and refused to take him seriously after he had his "older-brother talk" with Chandler.

11. When Ross tried to talk to Rachel during an important fashion lecture, and she wasn't afraid to silence his overbearing and controlling presence.

Rachel covering Ross's mouth with her hand

12. When Rachel took Emma to Ross and Monica's childhood pediatrician, and couldn't wait to expose Ross once she found out he still went to him as an adult.

13. When Rachel and Ross were brainstorming baby names at Central Perk, and she didn't fully agree with his ideas.

14. When Rachel took the phone from Ross and hung up on his girlfriend, Julie, because she was secretly in love with him.

15. And when Rachel teamed up with Phoebe at their apartment and taught Ross a thing or two about self-defense, Unagi-style.

Rachel and Phoebe sitting on top of Ross in their apartment, telling him to say they're "Unagi"