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    "Sex And The City" Is The Most Cringeworthy Show In TV History, And Here Are 19 Lines To Prove It

    "How do you sustain a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu?"

    1. When Carrie had this ridiculous thought.

    2. When Carrie and Samantha played off each other in the most cringeworthy way.

    3. When Miranda uttered the worst pun in Sex and the City history.

    4. When Carrie ran into Big and had this dramatic realization.

    5. When Samantha showed interest in a firefighter in the most uncomfortable way.

    6. And when everyone analyzed Samantha's new relationship in true SATC fashion.

    7. When Carrie tried to snap back into reality with this horrible pun.

    8. When Carrie said this awful thing to her date.

    9. When Charlotte was corny as hell.

    10. When Carrie described sex in the most Carrie way possible.

    11. When Samantha was anything but smooth at this party.

    12. When Carrie royally embarrassed herself when she said this to Big.

    13. And when she thought she delivered a witty comeback, but it was actually just weird.

    14. When Louise and Carrie said the most awkward goodbye.

    15. When Carrie tried being romantic, but it backfired.

    16. When Carrie empowered herself with this uncomfortable line.

    17. When Charlotte thought she was giving solid advice, but it was honestly just bizarre.

    18. When Carrie tried to be a profound writer but she was extremely awkward instead.

    19. And when Samantha made this supremely absurd pun.