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    52 Clever Movie Details From The 1990s That You Most Likely Didn't Notice The First Time Around

    Adam Sandler's love interests in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Waterboy all have double-V names.

    Something I truly never get tired of is rewatching a movie from my childhood and discovering a hidden detail I didn't notice the first time around. Movies from the 1990s are chock-full of them, and as a millennial, I was honestly floored by some of these details!

    So here are some brilliant movie details from the '90s that were really, really clever, via Reddit.

    1. _Home Alone _(1990)

    2. _Goodfellas _(1990)

    3. _Death Becomes Her _(1992)

    4. _Aladdin _(1992)

    5. _Forrest Gump _(1994)

    6. _Halloween H20: 20 Years Later _(1998)

    7. _The Prince of Egypt _(1998)

    8. _The Sandlot _(1993)

    9. _Toy Story 2 _(1999)

    10. _The Addams Family _(1991)