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Former McDonald's Employees, Tell Us Your Biggest Secrets From The Job

We want to know it all.

McDonald's, aka Mickey D's, aka home to some of the best fast food in the world: You know it, you love it, and you've probably eaten here at least once in your lifetime.

Big Mac hamburger and french fries
Joerg Koch / DDP / AFP / Getty Images

Growing up as a Mickey D's kid myself, I've always been curious about what ~really goes down~ behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of McDonald's employees making food at the location in Beaugrenelle
Bertrand Guay / AFP / Getty Images

So, if you're a former McDonald's employee (or still work there), I'm dying to hear your secrets/stories while on the job.


A secret or story that'll truly shock people!

Maybe you worked the drive-thru during the night shift, and every time you gave the customer their Mickey D's bag, you were required to sing: "Ba da ba ba bah, I'm lovin' it!"

Marvin Mateo works the drive thru window at McDonald's in Washington, DC
The Washington Post / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Or perhaps when you were bored during slow hours, you took leftover Big Mac boxes from the back and dressed up as a giant robot to entertain your coworkers.

@crewmemberprobs back in the day... Better than @bethhooker04 attempt ;)

@GarryHalsey / Via Twitter: @GarryHalsey

Or maybe you were always disgusted whenever you saw kids playing in the ball pit because they were never cleaned, and the balls were covered in gross things like vomit and boogers.

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

Whatever it is, we want to know! Tell us your biggest McDonald's employee secrets/stories in the comments below, and the best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

Sergio Laua works the french fry counter at a McDonald's restaurant in Redwood City, California
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images