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    "Friends" Did A Really, Really Bad Job Handling Serious Subjects, And Here Are 16 Moments To Prove It

    Phoebe's mother's suicide should've never been a joke.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us when Friends did a bad job of handling serious topics. Here's what they had to say.

    Warning: Some submissions include topics of sexual abuse and suicide.

    1. When they portrayed Phoebe's homelessness as a teenager in New York City as one of her quirky personality traits instead of a seriously traumatic experience.

    Phoebe in the pilot episode telling Rachel about moving to the city when she was 14 years old

    2. When they made Joey's treatment of women a running joke throughout the series rather than a deeply inappropriate behavior.

    Joey taking the shower curtain down and told a potential female roommate of his he did so because he's "very safety conscious"

    3. When the show wrote anti-fat jokes about Monica's weight as a high schooler, and capitalized on the idea that "fat people don't deserve to be treated like everyone else" when Courteney Cox wore a "fat suit."

    Monica telling Joey and Chandler the camera adds 10 pounds after they made fun of her weight as a high schooler; Chandler's response: "So how many cameras are actually on you?"

    4. When Ross couldn't accept the idea that a straight man wanted to be a nanny, and fired Sandy from being Emma's full-time nanny.

    Ross questioning Sandy and Rachel during the job interview, saying: "What kind of job is that for a man? A nanny?"

    5. When the friends made fun of Chandler's dad and constantly identified her as a drag queen, rather than accepting her for who she really was: a transgender woman.

    Chandler and Monica visiting Chandler's dad's drag show in Las Vegas, Chandler embarrassed and in disbelief by her

    6. When Joey and Ross realized they liked taking naps together and hid it from the rest of the gang because they "feared" they'd be perceived as "queer."

    Joey and Ross getting "caught" taking a nap by Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, and Monica on Joey's couch

    7. When the show didn't treat Phoebe's mother's suicide as a serious issue, but rather the butt of a joke that usually got a big laugh from the audience.

    Phoebe telling Monica and Ross she had a hard life, and her mom was killed by a drug dealer ("Friends" making an inappropriate joke regarding suicide)

    8. When Carol and Susan's relationship in Season 1 was defined as an evil factor in Ross's life, rather than a groundbreaking moment in Carol's personal journey.

    Susan and Ross stuck in the janitor closet at the hospital, Susan worried about her role in Ben's life

    9. When Frank Jr. Jr. got engaged to his high school teacher and the gang accepted their relationship because the writers portrayed it as a "true love story" rather than what it really was: sexual harassment.

    Frank Jr. Jr. and Alice making out at Central Perk in front of everyone

    10. When Chandler felt uncomfortable with Joey and Ross wearing makeup and knitting, ultimately making them feel bad for not doing historically "masculine" activities.

    11. When Monica made an anti-gay comment about Joey's ballroom dance lessons, perpetuating the idea that identifying as gay was something to be made fun of.

    Monica asking Joey if he's "gay yet" after ballroom dancing lessons

    12. When Ross thought he had kissed a drunken and unconscious Rachel in his bed back in college, totally disregarding a woman's consent and boundaries.

    Monica and Ross realizing they were each other's first kisses

    13. When the show never explored Phoebe's grief over giving up her brother's triplets after giving birth to them, especially when she wanted to keep one of them to raise herself.

    Phoebe holding the triplets in the hospital room, crying; the next episode, Phoebe hating on PBS

    14. When Chandler made an insensitive comment at Janice's expense when she got stood up on a date, making light of self-harm and suicide.

    Janice begging Monica and Chandler: "Please, because otherwise I don't know what I might do" and Chandler responding with: "Aren't you just a teensy bit curious?"

    15. When Monica caught Chandler masturbating and described it to Rachel as catching him "molesting himself," proving how unmindful the show was around rape culture.

    16. And when Ross pushed Ben to play with a G.I. Joe instead of his Barbie doll, perpetuating toxic masculinity at a young age.

    Ross holding up the G.I. Joe to Ben, asking: "Why is my boy playing with a Barbie?"

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.