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    Hollywood Has Made Women Utter The Most Ridiculous Things In Rom-Coms, And Here Are 15 Quotes To Prove It

    Taylor Swift's character deserved better in Valentine's Day and that's a fact!!!

    1. In Notting Hill, when Anna professed her love for Will at the bookstore and it was anything but romantic.

    Anna telling Will she's just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her

    2. In Sex and the City, when Carrie and Louise said the most cringeworthy goodbye in movie history.

    Carrie thanking Louise for bringing her back to life, and Louise thanking Carrie for giving her a Louis Vuitton bag

    3. In Crazy, Stupid, Love, when Hannah reacted to Jacob's shirtless body in the most dramatic and unusual way.

    Hannah yelling at Jacob that he looks like he's photoshopped

    4. In The Wedding Planner, when Mary told Fran the inspiration behind her career as a wedding planner and it was supremely awkward.

    Mary telling Fran those who can't wed, plan

    5. In Jerry Maguire, when Dorothy professed her love to Jerry and it was sappy as hell.

    Dorothy telling Jerry she had him at "hello"

    6. In 27 Dresses, when Jane learned that Kevin lied about his real identity, and she insulted him in the most Jane way possible.

    Jane comparing Kevin's writing craft to a sandwich

    7. In Pretty Woman, when Edward asked Vivian what she wanted out of their relationship, and she gave him the corniest answer ever: a "fairy tale."

    8. In Pretty in Pink, when Andie questioned if she should go to her senior prom because it was a stupid tradition, and Iona gave her the most melodramatic response.

    Iona telling Andie that life itself is a stupid tradition

    9. In Four Weddings and a Funeral, when Charles told Carrie he loved her in the pouring rain and she was so overwhelmed with joy, she uttered this corny line.

    Carrie asking Charles if it's still raining because she hadn't noticed

    10. In Valentine's Day, when Taylor Swift's character, Felicia, told a news reporter how she first met her boyfriend, and it was the most painful story ever.

    Felicia telling the news reporter how her boyfriend would throw spit wads in her hair during Spanish class

    11. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, when Holly made us all cringe before she read the breakup letter from her fiancé, José.

    Paul and Holly in the back of the cab, Holly putting on her lipstick before reading the letter from José

    12. In Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, when Paulette gave Elle this bizarre compliment when she saw her in a Fourth of July–inspired outfit.

    Paulette telling Elle she looks like the Fourth of July, making her want a hot dog real bad

    13. In Monster-in-Law, when Kevin went to the bathroom and Viola and Charlie threatened each other with the weirdest insults ever.

    Viola calling Charlie "girlie" and Charlie calling Viola "grandma"

    14. In Dirty Dancing, when Johnny broke into his own car and Baby gave him this truly uncomfortable compliment.

    Baby screaming "You're wild!" in the broken car with Johnny

    15. And in Miss Congeniality, when everyone was in awe of Gracie's new "beautiful makeover," and she told them off in the cringiest way.

    Gracier telling Eric and Victor not to mess with her because she's wearing a dress, has gel in her hair, and she's starved