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19 "Harry Potter" Movie Moments That Still Don't Make Sense After All This Time

Why did Harry, Ron, and Hermione return to Hogwarts every year when only bad things happened to them?!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most confusing moments from the Harry Potter movies. Here are some that *still* don't make sense after all these years:

1. Why didn't Harry repair Hogwarts and everything else that was destroyed from the Battle of Hogwarts before breaking the Elder Wand?

Harry breaking the Elder Wand with delight after the Battle of Hogwarts, standing in front of a destroyed school
Warner Bros. Pictures

2. Where exactly was Hagrid's hut located on the Hogwarts grounds? In Sorcerer's Stone, it was to the right of the castle, and in Prisoner of Azkaban it was further down the hill — did he move?

Warner Bros. Pictures

3. Why did Voldemort always wait until the end of the school year to try to kill Harry? Didn't he have hundreds of other opportunities to do so?

Voldemort talking to Harry while being stuck in Professor Quirrell with an evil expression on his face; Voldemort battling Dumbledore at the Ministry of Magic with determination
Warner Bros. Pictures

4. What ever happened to the Dursleys? They packed up and moved away in the beginning of Deathly Hallows: Part 1, but we never learned where they went.

Mr. Dursley standing outside of his house, sad and solum, ready to drive away with his family
Warner Bros. Pictures

5. Why did Hermione only use the time-turner to take extra classes and save Buckbeak? Couldn't she have traveled to a different time to save a wizard or witch's life instead?

Hermione traveling to various classes with the time-turner, Harry and Ron always surprised when she pops out of nowhere
Warner Bros. Pictures

6. Where exactly did Harry get the two-way mirror in Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 & 2? We know he was able to see Aberforth Dumbledore through it, but it was never explained *where* it came from and *why* it showed up?

Harry looking at his reflection in the two-way mirror, his expression sad and curious, wondering the meaning behind it
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7. Why did Voldemort's body disintegrate when he died in Deathly Hallows: Part 2? If all of his Horcruxes were destroyed, shouldn't he have died like a "normal" wizard?

Voldemort dying towards the end of The Battle of Hogwarts, his body disintegrating, with a painful expression on his face
Warner Bros. Pictures

8. And what happened to the Death Eaters who survived the Battle of Hogwarts? Did they still support Voldemort after his death, or were they eventually hunted down and killed?

Snape, Bellatrix, the Malfoys, and the rest of the Death Eaters sitting at a long table at Malfoy Manor, listening to Voldemort give orders, while a Hogwarts teacher is being tortured to death in the air
Warner Bros. Pictures

9. When the heck did Tonks and Lupin have their son? Why was he never mentioned until the Resurrection Stone scene in the last movie?

Warner Bros. Pictures

"If you didn’t read the books, you were obviously so lost."


10. Why did Professor Slughorn act like he'd never heard of dentistry before in his life, when it actually existed in the wizarding world?

Professor Slughorn genuinely confused and fascinated by Hermione's parents jobs in dentistry; The Weasley Clock showing Fred, George, and Ron's whereabouts.
Warner Bros. Pictures

11. Why did Hermione, Ron, and Harry return to Hogwarts every year when seriously traumatic things happened to them? Didn't they realize it was an unsafe place to be?

Hermione in a hospital bed in the hospital wing, petrified, scarily stiff and unconscious
Warner Bros. Pictures

12. Why was Lupin on the Hogwarts Express in the beginning of Prisoner of Azkaban? Couldn't he have just apparated to Hogwarts?

A dementor sucking the happiness out of Harry on the Hogwarts Express, and Lupin standing up with determination to curse the dementor away
Warner Bros. Pictures


13. How did Peter Pettigrew not recognize Ron at Malfoy Manor? Wasn't he Ron's pet rat for several years, and therefore well aware he was best friends with Harry?

Ron staring at Bellatrix threatening Hermione's life at Malfoy Manor with anger and hatred; Peter Pettigrew going to the basement at Malfoy Manor to check on Harry and Ron, with a scared expression on his face
Warner Bros. Pictures

14. Where the heck did Dobby go after becoming a free elf in Chamber of Secrets? Why was he absent from most of the series, only returning in Deathly Hallows: Part 1 to be killed by Bellatrix?

Dobby defending Harry Potter, standing in front of him and folding his arms, against Lucius Malfoy; Dobby dying in Harry's arms, his eyes wide open, very still and lifeless
Warner Bros. Pictures

15. Because performing magic is illegal for underage wizards outside of school, why wasn't Harry expelled for using the "lumos" spell in Prisoner of Azkaban?

Harry using "lumos" at The Dursleys house, underneath a sheet, to read late at night while everyone else is asleep
Warner Bros. Pictures

"He was almost expelled for illegally using magic in Order of the Phoenix!"


16. How does the invisibility cloak know when to "turn invisible," and why does it only work on humans?

Warner Bros. Pictures

17. If Dumbledore and McGonagall knew just how abusive the Dursleys were to Harry, why did they let him go back to their house every summer? Why didn't they ever check on him, or better yet, take him in?

Dumbledore holding baby Harry while McGonagall questions leaving him to The Dursleys; The Dursleys staring at Harry with hate and cruelty, after Harry and Dudley ran into some bad wizards in the Muggle world
Warner Bros. Pictures

18. How is it that Madam Pomfrey was able to regrow Harry's broken bone from the Quidditch match, but she wasn't able to fix his eyesight so he'd never have to wear glasses anymore?

Harry staring at his wobbly broken arm after being attacked in the Quidditch game; Madam Pomfrey pouring the potion to regrow Harry's bone in a glass
Warner Bros. Pictures


19. And if Snape continuously went out of his way to protect Harry, Ron, and Hermione from dying in the series, why did they think he was a "bad" person?

Snape protecting Hermione, Ron, and Harry from Lupin as he turns into a werewolf at night underneath the moon; they all have terrified expressions on their faces
Warner Bros. Pictures

Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

What Harry Potter movie moment do *you* think is confusing as hell? Tell us in the comments below!

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