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    21 Times Bosses Went Above And Beyond For Their Employees, Proving Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    Treating people with kindness goes a long way, folks.

    1. This boss, who gave their employee a big bonus for working on Christmas:

    Bonus money

    2. This boss, who was mindful of their employee's mental health and fully supported their journey:

    Boss supporting employee's mental health
    Boss supporting employee's mental health
    Boss supporting employee's mental health

    3. This boss, who kindly sets up a "fueling station" of snacks for delivery drivers:

    Containers filled with chips, water, and sodas

    4. This boss, who couldn't care less if their employee was late to work because...well, they were late, too:

    Boss responding they're also late to work

    5. This boss, who took the time out of their day and graciously helped their employee's broken-down car:

    Boss supporting employee with broken-down car

    6. This boss, who was 100% supportive when their employee came out as non-binary:

    Boss supporting employee coming out as non-binary

    7. This boss, who didn't hold back their appreciation for their hard-working employee:

    Letter: "Thanks for all of your hard work on fibers"

    8. This boss, who made sure their employee experiencing homelessness was taken care of:

    Boss looking after their employee who was experiencing homelessness

    9. This boss, who adjusted their employee's work hours because they recently had a kid:

    Boss: "You're good. I'll work you as much as you wanna work"

    10. This boss, who was out of office and thanked their employee for taking care of their workload:

    Boss thanking employee for taking care of workload

    11. This boss, who enthusiastically encouraged their employee to take a four-day weekend:

    Boss encouraging employee to take four-day weekend

    12. This boss, who vocalized to their employee that taking care of yourself always comes first, and work comes second:

    Boss: "All good. Always take care of yourself first, job is second"

    13. And this boss, who was also on the same page of self-care and mental wellness:

    Boss making sure their employee takes care of themselves

    14. This boss, who graciously fed their employee during breaks while they were studying:

    Boss feeding employee while they study

    15. This boss, who knew their employee loved tea and gifted them with two huge tins:

    Boss gifting employee two tins of tea

    16. This boss, who [kindly] ordered their employee not to work weekends, because they deserved all the rest in the world:

    Boss telling employee not to work weekends

    17. This boss, who hitched rides from their employee and paid them back with gas money:

    Note: "Put gas in your car, or whatever you want"

    18. This boss, who totally respected their employee's need to quit their job:

    Boss respecting employee's need to quit

    19. This boss, who was genuinely grateful for the hard work their employee put into their job:

    Boss thanking employee for their hard work and dedication

    20. This boss, who slipped their employee some extra cash for their upcoming vacation:

    Boss giving employee extra money for their vacation

    21. And this boss, who penned one of the most beautiful holiday letters to a new employee:

    Card: "Keep learning and developing your skills!"

    In conclusion:

    woman saying, i just absorbed the entirety of your existences and i just want to say, you bosses are so amazing