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    16 Times "13 Going On 30" Was The Most Brilliant Movie Ever Made

    "Rule number one: love is a battlefield."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite moment from 13 Going on 30. Here are the iconic results.

    1. When Jenna was totally overwhelmed about turning 30 overnight.

    2. But then quickly realized the advantages of being an adult.

    3. When Jenna and the girls had a slumber party and rocked out to "Love is a Battlefield."

    4. When Jenna wasn't up to date with mid-2000s slang.

    5. When Jenna was super excited about having her first legal drink.

    6. And when she got drunk and didn't hold back her feelings for Sparkle's editor.

    7. When Jenna had ZERO idea who Eminem was.

    8. When Matt and Jenna had a romantic evening eating Razzles.

    9. When Jenna got the party started and led everyone in an iconic dance to "Thriller."

    10. When Matt gently placed Jenna's head on his shoulder during the Poise photoshoot.

    11. When Jenna's hockey boyfriend was just a little ~too much~ for her liking.

    12. When Jenna shut down this awful creep in the most Jenna way possible.

    13. When Jenna and Matt reunited and did their famous "goodbye" routine from their childhood.

    14. When Jenna gave her moving, heartfelt presentation to revamp Poise's editorial style.

    15. When Matt built Jenna a pink dream house, filled with all of her favorite things.

    16. And when they got married at the end of the movie and moved INTO that pink dream house 😭.

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users