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    This Guy's Underwater Proposal Is Basically A Disney Dream Come True

    A real-life mermaid got her prince Eric!

    This is Eric Martinez and his girlfriend Cammy Cuoco. The San Antonio, Texas-based couple were on vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico, when Martinez surprised Cuoco with the most epic proposal.

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

    With help from photographer Polly Dawson from Del Sol Photography, Martinez was able to plan a series of surprises for Cuoco, starting with what he called a "holiday photo shoot".

    During that special photo shoot session in the jungle, Martinez got down on one knee and popped the question in quite possibly the most enchanted-looking spot on earth.

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

    “I was soooo surprised!! I’d hoped Eric would propose in Mexico but never did I think he would go to such great lengths to make it so magical for me. I was just literally in awe," Cuoco said on the Del Sol blog.

    But that wasn't the last proposal Martinez had planned! He then gave Cuoco an underwater photo shoot to celebrate her love for mermaids.

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

    "Of course every little girl dreams of being a princess — but my favorite was always Ariel. She could swim with all the fish and make music underwater with all of her friends," Cuoco said.

    For the shoot, Martinez proposed again, this time with a big red Ring Pop, while Cuoco got to wear a custom mermaid tail.

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

    Martinez worked with Dawson for a month to plan the moment. "I made the mermaid tail specially for Cammy and the fabric was this amazing scaly sequin," Dawson wrote on the blog.

    But fear not, Cuoco's actual engagement ring is definitely suited for a princess.

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

    Let's just pause for a moment to appreciate that in the greatest movie of all time, The Little Mermaid, the prince's name is ALSO Eric.

    I mean just look at this rock.

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

    Someone give this guy an award.

    Turns out, love is not dead! A big magical congrats to the IRL Disney couple!

    Photo by Del Sol Photography / Via

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