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    33 Things You'll Want To Add To Your Spring Wardrobe, Stat

    *Climbs to nearest rooftop, and shouts to all the world: It's dress, shorts, and sandals season, baby!*

    1. A flowy, sheer duster to chic up any basic white tee and denim outfit. Did you get this at some fancy boutique, they'll ask? That's a secret we'll never tell.

    2. An embroidered tunic with bell sleeves that'll give your ensemble a fancy feel and sweet ~poppy~ of color.

    3. A zebra print t-shirt dress that proves style and comfort go together like two peas in a pod. You could sleep in this, wear it to brunch, rock it to work, and even hit the town — all while staying incredibly comfortable.

    4. A double-O belt for upgrading any ensemble with little effort. And because of its versatility, it can be paired with denim or a nicer suit/dress for work.

    5. A corduroy mini dress you can wear to work with a cute blazer, and then straight to happy hour. And then maybe to bed, and on the weekends, and just all the time.

    6. A cute Pop Bag — your new way to tote around stylish purses and change up that same bag with a few snaps. Each bag is made with multiple leather panels (customized by you!) that you simply snap together, meaning you can always swap out a panel for an entirely new look.

    7. A trendy fedora (available in tons of colors!) to block out all that gorgeous sunshine you're going to be wandering under this summer.

    8. A pair of cuffed jeans from Sofia Vergara's darling new collection at Walmart, because let's be honest here, everyone needs more denim.

    9. A faux-leather backpack you'll want to tote around on all your worldly adventures. It *looks* like you dropped some serious cash for it — and we won't say otherwise.

    10. A chiffon tank with ruffle and embroidered accents you can transition from cold temperatures to warmer seasons with the right layers.

    11. Extremely stylish loafers, because a wardrobe as trendy as yours needs a pair of these. It's just that simple.

    12. Linen-blend, pleated shorts and a tie belt that'll quite literally be the best gift you can give yourself, bow and all.

    13. A snake skin-print tailored blazer to put an end to all other blazers. Really, do your other jackets even stand a chance after this ~slithers~ its way into your closet?!?

    14. Square cat eye sunnies that are as equally cute as they are affordable...meaning you should 100% buy a couple pairs.

    15. Wide-leg floral pants because 'tis the season for all things flowery — that's just the law of springtime.

    16. A vacation-ready jumpsuit that'll look just as cute paired with sandals as it will with wedges — soooo, basically another reason to wear it 24/7.

    17. An iridescent cross-body purse for some truly ~sweet~ arm candy you'll never want to take off.

    18. A single-button blazer because neon colors are the it thing right now, and I am 1,000% here for it. I mean, just *think* of all the heads you're gonna turn in this stunner:

    19. A cold-shoulder dress so cute, it's worth planning a trip just so you can wear it on the beach and take a million photos in it. Just peep that crochet lace and fringe detailing!!! *Swoons. Adds to cart. Plans trip to Hawaii.*

    20. A blush-colored jacket perfect for layering on spring days when it goes from chilly to scorching hot and then back to freakin' chilly.

    21. A loose-fitting and super-soft maxi tee so you can strut your stuff down the street while staying incredibly cozy...and those are two things that need to go together more often.

    22. A floral romper with long, adjustable straps that you can wear a variety of ways so you have a comfortable, versatile, and stylish look all in one garment.

    23. A colorful tank you'll want to wear to ALL your casual occasions. Brunch? Yup. Dinner? Double yes. Work? You betcha.

    24. A multipack of geometric mesh socks so even your feet can work their best ~angles~.

    25. A wicker tote bag for stylishly holding all your summery essentials — you know, because warm weather is basically here, hallelujah!

    26. High-waisted trousers with pockets AND a tie, ruffle waist for a work ensemble that's as equally stylish as it is affordable — and I'm not sure there is much that can top that!

    27. A flowy maxi so effortlessly chic and ridiculously cheap, you won't be able to pass it up.

    28. A classic trench coat with adjustable cuffs and detachable belt — and my main question here is, can we live in this all spring long?

    29. Adorable rain boots that'll have you wishin' for a rainy day. Seriously, these are so cute you could just wear them when it's not raining, because why not?!

    30. A drapey blouse with detailed sleeves — aka, the statement-making top that can be worn around the office or with jeans on the weekend! 10/10 for versatility.

    31. A color block windbreaker so you can take on whatever the weather throws at you in complete, straight-outta-the-70s style.

    32. A two-print floral dress because no closet — and I repeat, no closet — can ever own too many dresses. That's just a fact.

    33. And lastly, a button-up skirt your graphic tees, tanks, and sweaters are about to become best friends with.

    Your closet when it sees all of its new spring goodies:

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