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    34 Things Under $20 That'll Simply Make Your Kitchen Better

    A mix of cute and practical things to make your kitchen the best it's ever been.

    1. A skull cheeseboard and knife set you need if you've ever thought, give me cheese or give me ~death~.

    2. Stoneware measuring cups guaranteed to make you feel like you live in a cottage and are Sleeping Beauty's fairy godmothers.

    3. An over-the-door organizer that can hold a variety of things like cutting boards, cleaners, and cooking sprays. Get creative people, the kitchen is your oyster!

    4. And for the other door, a shopping bag holder because we're all adults here and it's time to stop shoving them in the back of your cabinets.

    5. A dinosaur serving utensil because if you're dishin' out pasta with anything but this, then what are you even doing?!

    6. A handy juicer and zester that'll help your kitchen graduate from basic college level, to fancy adult status.

    7. A caddy to keep your sponges and soaps in a nice, organized place — you know, 'cause sinks are FILTHY places! Don't leave your sponges in the sink, people!

    8. A compact hand mixer with a retractable cord and a compartment for storing the beaters. Just think, you'll never misplace the attachments because they all stay together!

    9. A coffee pod organizer for all those tea, sugar packets, K-cups, and creamers you have tossed around in random drawers.

    10. A collapsible colander that can conveniently break down into a smaller unit so it takes up significantly less cabinet space!

    11. A drink vessel rack you can use to better organize your never-ending collection of water (...and wine) bottles.

    12. Or! An under-cabinet wine rack because having vino in an easy-to-reach place is grownup rule number one.

    13. Plus, a wine glass holder for storing your finest of stemware. You so fancy.

    14. A two-in-one strainer and bowl set that'll make it even easier to wash fruit, drain pasta, and save your food from falling down the drain.

    15. A pack of silicone food huggers so you stop wasting half-eaten veggies and fruits. Think of these handy things as makeshift caps for any type of bottle or container!

    16. A mini silicone tool set that can handle smaller cooking jobs — and take up little real estate in already-crowded drawers.

    17. An air purifying bag deodorizer to keep your fridge from smelling like something died in it.

    18. A boil-over safeguard so you can step away from your stove and not worry about coming back to a volcano of steaming water bubbles.

    19. A hand sign ice tray your chilled beverages will give two thumbs up for.

    20. An over-the-door shoe organizer — yes, I am serious — to hang in the pantry for holding snacks, baby food, water bottles, household cleaners, and lots of other things!

    21. Woodland critter clips that'll keep your chips fresher thanks to the magic of the forest — oh, and by tightly sealing the bag back up after opening.

    22. An adjustable measuring cup with two measurements (cups and ounces) so you can rid your drawers of all those random plastic sets and save some darn room.

    23. Taco holders to keep all the good stuff from falling out because baby, your tacos are worth it.

    24. A beautiful, crystal-like water bottle (with a lock-lid and straw!) that'll probably make all the other ones in your cabinet jealous.

    25. A Death Star timer to let you know when your food is ready by emitting green lasers and playing Star Wars sound effects. Please order this right now.

    26. A baggy rack that can clip to bags and prop them up so you can get all your leftovers safely inside without the fuss of spills.

    27. A dishwasher magnet you can switch back and forth to indicate if the dishes are clean or dirty. Now you won't have to wonder if you're eating off a dirty plate!

    28. A pair of claw shredders you'll want to get your ~paws~ on ASAP for all of your meat carving and pulling needs.

    29. An herb razor with different sized slots for quickly shearing all kinds of leafy greens. Think: kale, rosemary, parsley, and so on.

    30. A whetstone that'll keep your best knives at peak sharpness.

    31. A fume-free oven cleaner for removing all of the grease and grime that built up after that one Thanksgiving you hosted in 2016.

    32. A batter dispenser designed to release the perfect amount of batter every time so you're always making the best freakin' cupcakes and pancakes in the cleanest way possible.

    33. Storage bins that'll transform your refrigerator and cabinets from drab (and very cluttered) to fab (and organized).

    34. And a Lazy Susan turntable to organize cluttered cabinets and countertops into a tidy wonderland where you can *actually* find things!

    Your kitchen will now be at its absolute best: Clean, organized, and filled with cute things.

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