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    28 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

    If you can't afford a complete reno (, these are the next best things!

    1. Transform your borin' ol toilet with a sparkly toilet seat...and I am not sure I need to say anything else about it? I mean, look at this thing! The glitz, the glamour!

    2. Exchange that dated bathroom sink faucet for a modern, waterfall option. It's a small job that'll make a big, big difference.

    3. Hang up a new shower curtain! Yup, it's that easy. A fresh curtain will bring new life to your bathroom all in under, like, five minutes.

    4. And! Add some fancy as heck shower curtain hooks that The Queen (probably) has in her own mansion castle bathroom*.

    5. Use a very handy, recessed light conversion kit to rid your bathroom of plain vanity lights so you can finally hang those gorgeous pendant lights you've been eyeing.

    6. You can even find some super affordable and equally cute pendants (like these glass ones!) on Amazon. Ahh, I love simple upgrades with big impacts.

    7. Or if you want to go a little of the box, use cheap seagrass baskets to make some freakin' cool, conversation-starter pendant lights.

    8. Give your bathroom some simple, cute storage (I know, who knew there was such a thing?!) with a linen shelf. Finally — a place for extra towels, T.P., and soaps.

    9. Add frosted films to windows and other glass surfaces so you can enjoy some dang privacy without having to rely on heavy curtains. It also looks fabulous on shower doors!

    10. Replace your hamper *and* add more storage with a leaning ladder hamper. Love a double-duty product that's also stylish as all get out.

    11. Ditch the '90s cabinet hardware and opt for some super sleek knobs and pulls. You'll have this done with so much time to spare, you may end up starting another home project.

    12. Toss your unsightly toilet brush and opt for a truly adorable kitty brush set. I mean, other toilet brushes can't even compare to this.

    13. Create a DIY art ledge above your toilet by hanging narrow shelves on a smaller wall so it draws the eye across the room making it look bigger. Plus, it gives you a place to show off your favorite photos!

    14. Replace any nasty, worn out trash cans with a sleek, mini one. Its narrow shape makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms, and we must utilize all the space we can get!

    15. Get a roll of marble contact paper and go to town. Really, you can use this to transform countertops, bath furniture, tile, and the list goes on (and on...).

    16. Use a timeless mirrored tray to organize all of your spa-day products. I'm talkin' scrubs, lotions, and essential oils — you know, all the things you need for a relaxing "me" night.

    17. Add a little greenery (but without all the responsibility) with a large, artificial snake plant so your bathroom can still enjoy the plant life, even if it doesn't get any natural sunlight.

    18. Hang a sweet little rattan shelf on a wall that could use a little TLC. Not only will it give your space some extra charm, but also offer up room for candles, plants, and other bathroom things.

    19. Breathe some life back into dated furniture with a couple coats of chalk paint. Chalk paint adheres well to furniture, so it only requires a bit of prep work on your end.

    20. Try your hand at a floor or backsplash stencil. It definitely requires a little patience and practice, but the payoff is worth it (and your wallet will be soooo happy).

    21. And/or! Use peel-and-stick tile as a great bathroom backsplash dupe that'll look like you dropped a good chunk of cash and time for the real thing.

    22. Toss that moldy, forever damp bath mat that's been sitting in your bathroom for far too long, and upgrade to a cutesy rainbow one.

    23. Transform your shower into a dang spa with a huge, rainfall shower head so you actually look forward to waking up in the morning...or getting ready for bed. I shall not partake in the AM/PM shower debate!

    24. Give your bathroom some poofect humor and hang up a restroom review sign. I mean, you're a 5-star kinda person with a 5-star bathroom — those are just facts.

    25. Swap any fingerprint-stained light switches and outlet plates for new vintage-style covers. Hello, operator — this is the kind of minimal effort I am looking for.

    26. Trade in any old faded towels for a set of luxurious, hotel-quality ones so you can feel like you're on vacation every time you step out of the shower.

    27. Upgrade your tub with an adjustable bamboo caddy. Ahhhh, relaxing (and your bathroom!) has never looked THIS good.

    28. And lastly, clear up any countertop clutter and use an actually cute, two-tiered shelf. May you never tragically lose an earring down the drain again.

    Now, go relax in your fabulous bathroom.

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