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    20 Life-Saving Products That'll Help Hot Sleepers Stay Cool

    Be literally ~cool for the summer~ (and spring) with fans, black-out curtains, breathable sheets, and other products to help you get to sleep even when you're hot AF.

    1. A memory foam pillow with a cool gel layer on one side so you get the best sleep of your life, while staying chilled when it's extra hot outside.

    2. A set of blackout curtains for keeping the sun out during the day so you don't come to home an oven at night.

    3. A pineapple print duvet cover to get you and your bedroom in the summery spirit. It's made with breathable cotton so you won't roast!

    4. A sleek fan for a boost of cold air on stupid hot days. It even has an auto shut off up to 7.5 hours so you don't have to worry about wasting energy when you're off in dreamland.

    5. A silk pillowcase you'll never want to live without. The fabric makes it cool to the touch (so you'll feel refreshed all night) and is great for your skin and hair.

    6. A goose-down alternative comforter because it *is* possible to have a stylish bedspread that won't smother you in your sleep. This one is like a fluffy cloud that drapes you with the perfect amount of warmth (and it's machine-friendly!).

    7. A set of highly-rated microfiber sheets you'll freak out over when you realize how silky smooth and lightweight they are. Honestly, you might not sleep because you'll keep moving your legs around just to feel how soft they are.

    8. A beachy duvet cover that'll transport you to the beach, even if you won't be at one for a while. It's a cotton seersucker fabric, so it has a trendy wrinkled effect but still offers a nice breathability.

    9. A cooling mattress pad cover overfilled with a goose-down alternative to solve sweaty nights and help you get the rest you need — which it will 'cause it's like sleeping on a plush (hypoallergenic!) marshmallow.

    10. A set of elegant lace sheets with deep pockets so you can fit your new cooling mattress cover with ease and just feel luxe as hell.

    11. A silk pajama set you'll adore if you don't like to sleep naked but don't want to wear thick pjs. They'll keep you from overheating because the fabric has a cooling feel to them.

    12. A gel mask you can freeze or stick in the fridge to keep your face cool while you're catching some ZZZs. It's also great for migraines and eye puffiness.

    13. A window air conditioner to save you if your room has no AC, or if you just need the extra breeze.

    14. A stylish flamingo duvet cover that'll revamp your room for the new season and keep you nice 'n cold since it's made from a lightweight microfiber.

    15. A bamboo sheet set because the nature of the fabric helps to regulate temperatures. It's also eco-friendly and made from renewable resources so you can rest easy knowing you're helping save the planet.

    16. A two-inch, gel foam mattress topper you'll instantly fall asleep on. The gel in the pad prevents heat accumulation and the memory foam helps to relax your muscles. Honestly, you might never leave your bed!

    17. A sheet set for adding a summer vibe to your space. You can pick from 10 delicate prints and find one that matches your ~aesthetic~.

    18. A floral duvet cover because unlike everything that comes with spring, these pretty flowers won't cause you any allergies — they'll just make your room look light and summery.

    19. A customizable cordless blackout shade that'll keep out heat and sunlight from whatever window gets the most sun. I have these in my bedroom, and I can't tell when it's light outside — that's how incredible they are at keeping it dark and cool.

    20. A small, powerful fan with a remote control so you never have to leave bed to adjust the air. Just sit back, relax, and most importantly — stay ~cool~.

    Stay cool out there, my friends.

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