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35 Cool Lists To Start And Keep In 2018

Start keeping lists of all the things that it'll be fun to look back on at the end of the year!

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to start keeping lists of cool things you’ll want to be able to look back on at the end of 2018.

Lists are also a really easy way to journal; there’s less pressure to make them perfect, it doesn’t take much time to add to them regularly, and if you keep them going all year, they can end up being a pretty effective snapshot of your life.

You could keep these lists in a doc or app, or write them in one of the million pretty notebooks you bought and then didn’t know what to do with.

1. Big wins

2. All the new words you learn

3. Or the cool facts you learn

4. Stuff you buy 

5. Stuff you buy and like

6. Things you finally get rid of #RIP

7. What you eat for a single meal — say, breakfast — every single day for the entire year

8. Every type of wine you try and/or love

9. Every recipe you make

10. All the board games (or any games) you play 

11. Just every single thing you spend more than $50 (or more than $100) on

12. Every book you read

13. All the movies you watch (maybe with your personal star rating)

14. Cool/pretty names you hear and like

15. Every tea you try

16. Every restaurant where you eat

17. Small everyday things that genuinely improve your life (great socks, a 6-foot long phone charger, great sheets, etc.)

18. Things you did for self-care

19. Tracking lists — when you last replaced your toothbrush, changed your sheets, put in new contacts

20. Songs you love to rock out to

21. Or all of your best playlists

22. Great journaling prompts

23. Every new person you meet

24. Every city you visit

25. And everything you did there (restaurants, museums, hotels, etc)

26. Every nail polish color you wear

27. Every candle scent you try

28. Your beauty/grooming routine and list of products

29. Cool activities you do (museums, concerts, events)

30. All the parks or hiking trails you visit (or other similar outdoorsy things)

31. Every gift you give

32. Every gift you receive

33. Every compliment you get

34. Every single thing that makes you laugh until you cry

35. Things you are grateful for

You got this! Now, get to it. 💪

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