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If You Have Pet Hair Everywhere, Then You Need To Try This De-Shedding Brush

The FURminator is here to save the day.

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Everyone, this is my dog Luke. He is the world's goodest boy and is loved very much. But even the goodest of boys have to shed — and let me tell ya, Luke sure can shed.

Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

There is not a black dress, couch cushion, or pillow in my house that can escape his white hair. IT'S EVERYWHERE.

If you are a proud fur baby owner (or are ever around anyone with a pet), then you understand the never-ending battle with shedding. Well folks, it's time we say goodbye to clumps of unwanted hair and put our faith in THE FURMINATOR de-shedding tool:

Sharon Johns /

I mean, c'mon! It's called the FURminator — what else do you need to know?!?!?

Ok, yes, you probably want to know more. Let me just start by pointing out that the FURminator (read in a deep voice with fists held high in the air) has over 10,000 reviews!!!

It also scored an A rating on Fakespot, which checks Amazon reviews to make sure they're legit. And guys, these reviews are legit.


So, let's see what this thing can do! For starters, the FURminator will not hurt your sweet angel, and Maxie here can testify to that:

Autonomous J.E.N. /

"I got my Furminator today and brushed Maxie for over an hour. After every stroke, the brush was full of hair and I had to release it. Not only did the brush NOT hurt my dog, but it made her feel good! As I ran the brush down her back, she'd get a muscle twinge and start to shake her back leg, like she does when I start to scratch a really good spot on her. She patiently laid her head in my lap, wagged her tail, and STAYED PUT as I brushed her! This thing is a miracle brush! Easily one of the best investments I have ever made." —Autonomous J.E.N.

The de-shedding tool works great on short-haired puppers:

Amazonenthusiast /

"This is amazing! We have a Chihuahua-Pug mix, he's on the smaller size (about 18 lbs.) with short hair. We use the furminator on our dog once a week. We typically swifter and vacuum the hard wood floors and rugs every week at least once. Since we began using the furminator there is SO much less dog hair on the swifter and in the vacuum. The vacuum canister used to fill with every cleaning, now there's 75% less in it each time! I had no idea he shed so much. Our dog loves this brush. I'd definitely recommend this product." —Amazonenthusiast

Oh, and cats:

C. Oscar /

"I've always groomed my cat, Toulouse, every day, but THIS has been amazing. How/I why did I ever bother before the Furminator? It gets handfulls of hair every time. This works on my Toulie, just as well as a dog. He enjoys it, and it's also good bonding. The hair on my clothes is at least 75% less when I hold him. Win, win!" —C. Oscar


Really, the FURminator is perfect for all your fur babies, big or small. Let's just look at one more lil' nugget because I know that's what you really came here for:

Get the FURminator from Amazon starting at $11.99 (available in three sizes), or from Jet for $16.78.

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