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    15 Inexpensive And Stunning Eye Palettes People Actually Swear By

    Rich, highly-pigmented shades for under $25. Yes, you heard that right!

    1. An 18-shade option that is as affordable as it is gorgeous. You can choose from three different palettes (or shoot, just buy 'em all!) that each offer a mix of mattes and shimmers.

    2. A more neutral palette featuring 16 highly pigmented colors so you can create a soft but fierce look without having to drop a ton of cash.

    3. A vibrant pick with 63 (!!!) colors ranging from neutral browns to sparkly rich blues. The amount of looks you can create with this beauty is...I mean, the limit does not exist.

    4. A mini version of two Sephora best-sellers that'll create the perfect blend of gorgeous warm-toned colors. Each palette is infused with Amazonian clay to help prevent that dreaded chalkiness.

    5. A set of magical pressed glitters sure to deliver a long-lasting sequin shine you'll never want to take off.

    6. A rainbow option packed with 120 colors that'll give you all the hues you need to create everyday, bold, and even Halloween looks.

    7. A pretty in pink pick comparable to Huda Beauty's Rose Gold palette. It has 18 buttery shades, great staying power, and I can keep going on about how stunning this thing is!

    8. An Ulta favorite — aka the Morphe Stunning Vibes palette that features a mix of 35 sultry shimmers and mattes so you can transition from day to evening, no problem.

    9. A pretty range of neutral mattes for creating subtle to dramatic smokey eye looks, and every makeup collection needs a simple palette like this one!

    10. A colorful choice with unique shades and five pressed glitters to form a shimmery, vibrant look so people think you are an enchanted goddess from the sparkliest of planets.

    11. An 88-shade palette with every gorgeous neutral under the sun. Really, with 29 mattes and 59 ultra-shimmers you'll have options on options on options.

    12. A set of vivid mattes so you can experiment with fun, vibrant colors without having to spend a fortune. Don't mine me, I am just here swooning over ALL of these fabulous shades.

    13. An ~out-of-this-world~ option that offers up 21 stellar shades similar to that of Urban Decay's Born to Run. We love to save some money, yes we doooo.

    14. A peachy palette filled with a mix of soft pinks and browns in both shimmer and matte finishes. Hello, just looking at this makes me want to go out and play in the sun. ☀️

    15. And lastly, a fiery or sultry pick featuring bold hues you can get on a budget...and with a $10 price tag, you might as well get all three palettes! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Here's to savin' money and lookin' fabulous.

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