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    24 Trendy Accessories From Amazon You Won't Have To Drop An Entire Paycheck On

    Turns out you don't have to spend a ton of cash to keep up with the all the hip styles.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of ball drop earrings that'll make a bigger and bolder statement than New Year's Eve.

    Price: $8.99+ (available in 24 style and color combinations)

    2. A simple, everyday crossbody bag you've been searching for your entire purse-carrying life.

    Amazon Customer /, C Reyes /

    Read BuzzFeed's full write-up on this bag.

    Price: $12.45+ (available in 26 style and color combinations)

    3. A pair of funky cat-eye shades you'll want to order in every color — which you totally should because they are so affordable!

    Price: $8.99+ (available in 19 colors)

    4. A set of stacking rings to give any casual outfit a little extra ~charm~.

    Price: $7.79+ (available in seven style sets)

    5. A pair of colorful tassel earrings for an instant wardrobe upgrade on a budget., Tami Jordan /

    Price: $8.49+ (available in 18 color and style combinations)

    6. A double-buckle western belt that'll look just as good at a music festival as it will on a Saturday brunch date.

    Price: $11.99+ (available in four sizes and 13 styles)

    7. A super versatile wristlet clutch with a removable chain strap so you can take it anywhere and everywhere.

    Price: $14.99 (available in 11 colors and prints)

    8. A clasp bracelet because someone as rare as you deserves the pearlfect accessory.

    Price: $11.99+ (available in 11 style and color combinations)

    9. A pair of dangle bead earrings to add a fun pop of color to your look. / Ann D. /

    Price: $8.99+ (available in 19 colors)

    10. A layered necklace that'll raise the bar for all your other jewelry.

    Price: $7.69+ (available in six styles)

    11. A sassy pair of sunnies because nothing screams total glam like pink shades surrounded in rhinestones., Kdotcouture /

    Price: $11.98+ (available in 14 colors)

    12. A cozy scarf you can wear all fall and winter long thanks to its versatility.

    Price: $10.99 (available in nine prints)

    13. A four-pack of stretchy headbands you'll be thankful to have on lazy, windy, and greasy hair days.

    Carmen Schoenbaechler /, Natalie /

    Price: $9.99 (available in six color/print sets)

    14. A pair of acrylic earrings people will think you got from a high-end boutique.

    Price: $9.99 (available in four colors)

    15. A pair of mirrored sunglasses that you'll never be able to ~see~ yourself without., Amber McLean /

    Price: $13.99+ (available in 11 colors)

    16. A chic handbag with a charm detailing that proves you don't need to spend $$$ on a designer option to feel fancy as hell.

    Price: $22.99 (available in 11 colors)

    17. A mini backpack so cute you'll actually *want* to carry all your crap around.

    Ali Abdelhamid /, Amazon Customer /

    Price: $23.99 (available in 12 colors and prints)

    18. An elegant, minimalist watch that you need to own stat. It's time.

    Price: $16.99 (available in six different band colors)

    19. A dainty, goes-with-everything choker to gift to someone you love — and by that I mean yourself.

    Price: $17.95 (available in silver and gold)

    20. A multi-pack of silky scarves perfect for jazzing up your handbag or outfit.

    Pink Sugar /

    Price: $11.25+ for 12 scarves (available in four color/print sets)

    21. A four-pack of fishnet socks because you're a total ~catch~ and it's about damn time the world know it.

    Price: $9.99

    22. A faux-leather waist belt to make styling up dresses and pants a total cinch.

    S & K / / dmtbach / / Cottage Girl /

    Price: $4.99+ (available in four sizes and 11 colors)

    23. And lastly, a pom pom beanie so you can keep your ears nice 'n toasty this winter.

    Amazon Customer /,

    Price: $12.99+ (available in 22 colors)

    So many accessories, so much fierceness.

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