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    41 Stunning Accessories To Make Your Wardrobe More Exciting In 2018

    New year, new closet.

    1. Embroidered ankle boots for that "just stepped out of a painting" look.

    2. A pastel striped scarf big enough to keep you warm and make a statement.

    3. An elegant chain necklace with a single faux pearl that will make you look clam fine.

    4. A sleek clutch for when you want to unclutter your look.

    5. A pair of silver mules that might outshine the rest of your outfit.

    6. A planetary bracelet to make your outfit out of this world.

    7. A pair of snake earrings for all you Slytherin peeps out there.

    8. A beautiful, crossbody leather bag you'll never leave home without.

    9. A fuzzy pastel beanie with a colorful pom-pom.

    10. A pair of wolf collar clips, because door knockers have some serious stealable style.

    11. A pack of elastic waist belts that will leaf you speechless because of how good you look.

    12. Funky faux leather boots with glamorous gold heels.

    13. A fuzzy leopard scarf you'll want to pounce on ASAP.

    14. A floppy felt hat every fashionista needs.

    15. A fuzzball purse that's just fur-fect with any outfit.

    16. A pink scalloped envelope clutch worth writing home about.

    17. A silver cuff bracelet you really have to hand it to for sprucing up your outfit.

    18. Or a pair of earrings that'll come in handy.

    19. Serpa-lined suede Vans so you can wear sneakers in the winter without your feet going numb.

    20. A pair of funky earrings that will steal the show, even if the show is just a 30 Rock rerun on your laptop.

    21. A shearling backpack pretty enough to be displayed in an art gallery.

    22. A charming brooch that will open a lot of doors (windows) for you, fashion-wise.

    23. Bubblegum pink slingbacks for a *pop* of color.

    24. A fun ring that looks like a sleeping cat on a basket filled with kittens.

    25. A western-style belt to make you the cutest cowpoke around.

    26. Dragonfruit pom-pom earrings that will make your outfit look so sweet.

    27. A classic leather tote big enough to fit *all* your random shit.

    28. Plant earrings you'll want to leaf in your ears all day long.

    29. An embroidered faux leather tote that'll make your fashion sense bloom.

    30. A set of chokers, because you can never have too many.

    31. A pineapple hair clip that will make you look fine-apple.

    32. Glitzy ear crawlers for an outfit that needs a little more sparkle.

    33. Suede booties with super pettable furry heels.

    34. A double-tiered necklace you'll be over the moon for.

    35. Transparent shoes so you can show off your latest pedicure.

    36. Knife earrings that will make you look sharp.

    37. A bear-y nice hat to keep your head warm and cute.

    38. A plaid scarf you can wrap around your neck or drape over your shoulders.

    39. A charming pair of ear jackets for a bit of nature to combat the winter blues.

    40. An enamel pin declaring your love for puppos.

    41. A delicate choker necklace that'll make your heart race.

    2018 is going to be your best dressed year yet!