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    Thousands Swear By This Setting Powder To Keep Their Skin Looking Flawless All Day Long

    It creates a gorgeous matte finish and is heaven-sent for a wide range of fair to dark skin tones.

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    The invention of makeup setting powder is nothing short of a miracle...uuuuntil you step in for a photo op with the flash on and come out lookin' like you have ghost eyes.


    I'm of Mexican heritage and have medium-tan skin, especially during the summer when I'm out playin' in the sun, so I try to be careful when purchasing translucent powders, as they can easily wash me out and leave my skin looking unnatural. Not cute! That's why I like to buy setting powders that have some type of tint to them.

    Well, it's time to throw out your chalky powders and slam the door because THIS Buttercup loose setting powder ($22) is here to save us all from the horrors of flashback and faded makeup.

    Amazon Customer /

    The powder comes in three colors: Buttercup, Buttercup Light, and no color (transparent) — so if you lean toward translucent powders, there's still a great option available. The two Buttercup colors have a yellow undertone that's designed to better blend in with your skin (particularly darker tones) and eliminate flashback.

    Plus, it's cruelty-free! And as with any skincare product, make sure to do a swatch test on your skin to see if there are any reactions before using it all over.

    It's great for locking makeup in place, reducing oil, highlighting, contouring, and baking — so you can check off all the boxes.


    If you're looking to "bake" with this powder, apply a thick coat of Buttercup to the areas you wish to highlight (*after* applying your foundation/concealer) and let the powder sit for five to ten minutes. Go over the areas with a foundation brush and voila(!) — your makeup has been baked (aka set) and will now last much longer.

    And people, I come bearing proof that this stuff works. For example, this powder has a 4.4-star rating and over 2,500 reviews. Just think about alllll those humans taking the time to write about this amazing product!

    Amazon / Amazonian /

    "As a YouTube beauty-channels addict, I've learned to use Sacha Buttercup powder by packing on the product using a mini BeautyBlender on all the areas where I get super oily: under my eyes down to my cheeks, on my forehead between my brows, on the bridge of my nose, and on the front of my chin. I let it sit for about five minutes and then I dust it off with a large fluffy foundation brush. That is the process that I use and based on my experience, I give the product five stars. I have MAJOR oily skin and my makeup lasts all day without melting off (it used to literally slide off before I met Sacha Buttercup). I can blot during the day with sheets when I start feeling oily (despite the fact I don't look oily) and it still functions." —Islas Virgenes

    So let's see this thing in action, shall we?! Umm. HELLO:

    Nik /

    "OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff took my average everyday makeup look to a whole new level, No creases under my eyes like I usually get using concealer alone. No visible stop/starting lines. No matter how well your blending technique is, some products just DON'T blend seamlessly. But this is so vibrant! It doesn't leave my skin looking lifeless, ashy, or whatever you like to call it. THIS stuff RIGHT and a MUST for any woman with melanated skin." —K.p.

    I MEAN.

    Fatima /

    "I bought this powder because I heard that there was no flashback (a plus for anyone who enjoys taking pictures) and also great for WOC. Let's just say I'm NOT disappointed! It's light, doesn't cake, and holds well against strong flash! I love this!!!" —Fatima

    And look! Even with the flash on in a variety of lighting, there is ZERO flashback with this stuff.

    Amazon Customer / Brittany Potier / P. Lavet / Via / /

    "So I started off trying to get down with banana powder and it wasn't working. I'm light brown, and THIS (Buttercup) IS SO AMAZING!!!! In my opinion it's way better than Ben Nye. Very rich, and easy to blend! I have a Lumee case and it doesn't give me that ashy look, or a horrible flashback so I love it! Great to 'bake' with and also great to just blend into your face. Highly recommend this!!!! @parislavet Instagram pictures are amaze balls because of this powder lol." —P. Lavet

    Teach. Me. Your. Ways.

    Amber Duncan /

    "I ran out of my Ben Nye powder but I’m glad I did because it gave me the chance to try this! The Sacha powder is a tad bit warmer so it works so much better on my skin. It’s also very smooth and doesn’t cake. I use my BeautyBlender to apply and it works perfectly. I will definitely keep this in my makeup kit!" —Amber Duncan

    I can't stop looking at the reviewer photos because everyone looks so fabulous.

    Nik /

    OK, here are three more and then I am done:

    Charlene Nasango / Amazon Customer / epatoc8171 / Via / /

    "I’ve tried MANY setting powders, working in the beauty industry, and I always come back to this setting powder. There’s no flashback or ashiness with the formula." —Amazon Customer

    "I love this product! I have really dark circles under my eyes and it covered it up very well. I also have sensitive oily skin, but I've had no breakouts and I was shine-free all day outside in 90-degree weather. The pics will show the difference." —epatoc8171

    Literally buy this right now because flawless, flashback-free makeup looks that last ALL day are waiting for you!


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.95 (available in three shades).

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