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    28 Beautiful Versions Of Things You Use All The Time

    There is a glittery toilet seat on this list.

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    1. A basket caddy – who allowed a shower caddy to be this sophisticated? Honestly, this will make your bathroom look like a dang spa.

    2. A pack of rose gold (ROSE GOLD!) ball point pens that'll make you consider giving up texting for snail mail. These pens, they're so fierce!

    3. A marble-pattern makeup brush set I don't think your vanity is ready for. And your other makeup brushes? They don't stand a chance with these stunners around. Just peep that fluffiness!

    4. An expandable, bamboo utensil organizer that's basically lightyears ahead of the plastic one you bought ages ago in college.

    5. A multipack of geometric mesh socks so even your feet can work their best ~angles~. Who knew socks (SOCKS!) could be this fancy???

    6. A metallic-flecked toilet seat that — ummm — is honestly gorgeous. A toilet seat that's...gorgeous? I didn't think such a thing existed yet here we are!

    7. A silicone utensil set your kitchen is guaranteed to swoon over. Really, I didn't think I had opinions on kitchen utensils, but these are so pretty to look at, and now I am rethinking everything.

    8. A skull candle (!!!), because wax in a boring jar just isn't going to cut it in your house. I CANNOT WITH THESE.

    9. A crystal table lamp to bring some calming ambience and charm to your room, desk, or nightstand. Shoot, the lighting on this will even make your walls look fancy.

    10. A sleek tumbler (available in TONS of colors and sizes — though this "ocean quartz" is an obvious choice) so affordable, you might as well get one for your home *and* desk at work.

    11. An in-depth planner with a marble-pattern cover that'll work double time to keep you organized while also looking incredibly dreamy on your desk.

    12. A box of cutie matches, because your finest of candles deserve to be lit with the finest of matches. Just admit it, these are fabulous!

    13. A calming tea blend that literally blooms into a flower when steeped — and listen, nothing feels fancier than sipping tea so if there's a flower in it, it's some next level fanciness.

    14. A teensy retro-style microwave perfect for compact spaces — and I don't think my heart (or wallet) can make it through the rest of this post!!!

    15. A veeeery cute dish drying mat that'll actually look nice on your counters. Yes, I said it! A cute dish mat!

    16. A handwoven textured hamper with adorable pom pom accents to make even your dirty clothes appear chic.

    17. An overnight cold brew filter bottle that honestly has no right to be THIS pretty and cheap.

    18. A pair of amber glass bottles with erasable chalk labels to declutter your countertops and make your soaps look a whole lot fancier.

    19. A GOLD WATERFALL FAUCET, because you are sophisticated and chic, and it's only right that your bathroom sink match. This is the type of small upgrade, big impact that I'm all about.

    20. Rainbow stainless steel straws — they're not only environmentally-friendly, but simply darling. I love pretty, practical things, I sure do.

    21. A sleek Quip toothbrush so you'll actually look forward to waking up and brushing your teeth. An aesthetically pleasing toothbrush? Yes, there is such a thing!

    22. A jewelry stand with a faux-marble base to provide a lovely little home for your best pieces. Now this is an organizer I *wouldn't* mind leaving out on my dresser.

    23. A set of salt and pepper grinders that are enough reason to throw a dinner party. Really, these are too pretty to not show off to every human on this planet.

    24. A cast iron teapot featuring a pretty floral pattern and stainless steel infuser for all the tea parties you now have to throw thanks to this.

    25. A Turkish bath towel you can count on to be super absorbent, space-friendly, and way cooler than the regular ol' towels currently occupying your towel rack.

    26. A cutlery set in matte black and gold to give your other silverware a run for their dang money. They don't stand a chance with these in the drawer, sorry!

    27. A butterfly pint glass, because why would you — a classy human with impeccable taste — drink your beer from a plain glass? You wouldn't!

    28. And a set of silky-soft satin pillowcases designed to help keep your hair from frizzing, your skin from breaking out, and your dreams sweet.

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