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Updated on Oct 19, 2019. Posted on Oct 22, 2017

19 Things That Will Make Every Kind-Of Adult Say, "Oh Wow, That's Me"

"Apparently adult life is mostly crying and looking at menus online."

1. You are getting really good at budgeting:

2. You know how to portion your food:

3. And eat and drink healthy:

4. You never pass up a chance to give some of your sage advice to those ~less wise~:

5. The love of your life is not another human being, but wine:

6. Because dating is HARD:

7. But you're young so who cares!

8. Kids? Me? No.

9. You just have different priorities:

10. And interests! You own live plants now:

11. This speaks to you on a personal level:

12. And this:

13. You regularly reminisce on the glory days:

14. You've come to realize the accuracy behind this:

15. Damn, and this:

16. You're constantly going to weddings that aren't your own:

17. Everyone besides you is basically married with three kids:

Twitter: @HettaHemma

And lives in a house with a fenced-in backyard!

18. Even strangers are getting in engaged in front of your eyes!

19. But it's whatever, because THESE are your family goals:

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