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    • kaylal9

      And for the record… they are not “ringleaders” to any so-called “gang.” Beingajuggalo, isn’tagang-related thing. It means that no matter what you go through, no matter what happens, you’ll be part ofaFAMILY…notagang.. there’sadifference. Yes, there are some juggalos who do stupid shit, but that doesn’t mean to penalize EVERY juggalo just because someone else fucked up. That’s like saying you’reaslut because your sister is. (just makingametaphor, not trying to start anything).Idon’t consider myselfajuggalo, by any means, but some of my closest friends are and they are the most AMAZING and LOYAL friends anyone could ask for. People like you need to focus on the real gangs and not onafamily who care for one another no matter what you’ve been through or going through.

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