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11 Times Drake Looked Like A Dinosaur

He is the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, after all.

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1. Velociraptor

Def Pen Radio and Universal / Via

2. Iguanodon

Young Money and Disney / Via!disney/c1snp

3. Brachiosaurus

Rickey Org and Pix Good / Via

4. Pachycephalosaurus


5. Triceratops

Bossip, Universal / Via

6. Ceratosaurus

NBC and Diastema / Via Flickr: diastema

7. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Times Live and Universal / Via / Reuters_Images/2013/02/15/mdf15665-11-02-2013-04-02-05-566.jpg

8. Apatosaurus

GQ and WayMarking / Via

9. Megalosaurus

Billboard and Rickety / Via

10. Styracosaurus

Uproxx and Sideshow Toy / Via

11. Diplodocus

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