15 Burning Questions I Need Answered After Finishing "You" Season 3

    My brain is still melted from this show.

    Warning: The post contains massive spoilers!

    Listen, y'all, I'm gonna skip the cute intro because we really need to talk about what the hell went down in Season 3 of You.

    While it was incredible to see everyone's favorite murder couple try to navigate parenting, new jobs, and making friends in suburbia, it all came to a head in a wild finale filled with murder, dismembered toes, and a fun trip to Paris.

    Since we'll have to wait at least another year for Season 4, here are just some of the questions I desperately need answered in the meantime:

    1. How did no one notice Joe and Love building a literal murder cage in their basement?

    2. Why wasn't Love suspect number one when Natalie disappeared, since she was THE LAST PERSON TO SEE HER?!

    Love and Natalie have a discussion while standing in an empty store front

    3. How did a trained therapist not realize she was counseling two murderers?

    4. If Madre Linda was so heavily surveilled, how did no one notice multiple bodies being moved around town?

    Joe carries Natalie's body over his shoulder and Joe drags Gil's body into his house

    5. Why didn't Joe and Love just kill Sherry and Cary after they overheard Love's confession about killing Natalie?

    A close up of Love Quinn, a title card that says "a few moments later," and a close up of Sherry and Cary as they lay unconscious in the glass cage

    6. How could Joe be so reckless about murdering Ryan when there was a chance it could've been tied back to Marienne?

    A close up of Joe with blood splattered on his face and a close up of Ryan as he begins to bleed from the nose and chest after being stabbed

    7. Why would Love's mother wait until the two were married with a BABY to reveal that she believed Love murdered her first husband?

    A close up of Dottie and Joe as they have a conversation about Love in Joe's car

    8. Will anyone figure out that Joe isn't really dead?

    Joe Goldberg walks through the crowded streets of Paris

    9. Why was everyone in Madre Linda so quick to believe Love was a secret serial killer?

    Two hands hold cell phone with an online article describing Love murdering Joe then killing herself

    10. How will Ellie survive now that Joe can't send her any more money?

    Ellie wears a sleeveless shirt with a star on it while holding a handful of Twizzlers

    11. Will Paco, Ellie, and Theo form a super team to take down Joe once and for all?

    A close up of Paco, Ellie, and Theo as they all look visibly distressed

    12. Did Marienne and her daughter go back to Paris?

    A close up of Marienne as she holds her young daughter in her arms

    13. Is Love going to return as a member of the lady ghost squad?

    Love holds Joe's face as he looks off to the side to see a version of ghost Beck standing in the corner

    14. Will Joe make an effort to see his son again? And if so, is he going to kidnap him away from his new family?

    A close up of Joe as he reads to his infant son and a toddler age Henry plays with his two new adoptive dads

    15. And finally, when will Sherry and Cary get the spinoff show they deserve?

    Do you have lingering questions after watching Season 3 of You? Let me know in the comments below!