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    Ranking The Fashion From The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episode 4, From "Disaster" To "Trendsetting"

    Some of these looks were more shocking than Z's birthday surprise!!

    Hello, Upper East Siders. Welcome back to week four of rating the looks from the new generation of Manhattan's most scandalous elites.

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    Come along as we go through the fashion from Episode 4, "Fire Walks With Z."

    12. Wendy's paint smock party frock:

    Wendy wears an oversize, light-colored flowy dress
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    While she may be my favorite out of our gang of meddling teachers, Wendy is killing me with these dresses. They give her no shape and stick out in a very bad way. Where does she shop and how we can stop her????

    11. Wendy's school day floral explosion:

    Wendy wears a loose-fitting, long-sleeved floral dress with a high neck
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    Please see above.

    10. Nick's courthouse power suit:

    Nick wears a dark suit over a pin-striped button-up shirt and matching tie
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    After the glorious male fashion show last week, this episode went back to form with the boring, everyday looks for our guys. However, Nick did pull this suit off very well, so I'll accept it.

    9. Audrey's cozy uniform and Julien's toned-down uniform:

    Audrey wears an oversize knit sweater with a skinny bow tie, and Julien wears a pin-striped button-up shirt, dark tie, and matching oversize jacket
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    Skinny bow ties seem to be one of Constance's staples in their uniforms, which is definitely an interesting choice! I do love how Audrey's sweater matches her bag and is oversize (!!!). Also, it was cool to see Julien take her "The best me is the fresh me" attitude and apply it to her school look. This is definitely the plainest outfit we've seen in her so far, and it's a refreshing change of pace.

    8. Audrey's fiery revenge gown:

    Audrey wears a tight-fitting, floor-length gown
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    Guys, we're four episodes in and Audrey is still the worst, I'm sorry. However, I will always give praise where it's due, and this dress was simple yet stunning on her.

    7. Zoya's casual birthday fit:

    Zoya wears a plaid uniform jumper skirt with one strap attached to the top button, over a T-shirt with a patterned cardigan on top
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    We're back to the one-strap jumpers!! But the real star was Z's adorably patterned and soft-looking cardigan. With the terrible, no-good, bad day ahead of her, Zoya needed all the comfort she could get.

    6. Milo's ~unique~ night-on-the-town look:

    Milo wears a dark tracksuit over a T-shirt
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    Once the shock of seeing Georgina Sparks's son all grown up, I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he looks like a mini mob boss. But in true Sparks fashion, he pulls it off effortlessly. Also, I need a spinoff with him ASAP!

    5. Zoya's rockin' birthday jumpsuit:

    Zoya wears a denim jumpsuit with colorful paint patterns on it
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    I love that Zoya always stays true to herself, and her outfits reflect that. While everyone else wears couture gowns and pressed suits, Z goes with a retro denim jumpsuit. We stan for life!!

    4. Luna's little white dress:

    Luna wears a short lace tank top party dress
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    Simple, elegant, fierce. 

    3. Luna and Monet's sophisticated uniforms:

    Luna wears a striped poncho over a ruffled shirt with a skinny bow tie, and Monet wears a pin-striped blazer over a turtleneck and a bright skinny bow tie
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    I love ponchos, especially high-fashion ones. Luna's poncho definitely looks like it could be from Burberry, and I'm living for it!! Plus, Constance is truly stepping up its jacket game with these pin-striped blazers.

    2. Monet's punk rock fit:

    Monet wears a long-sleeved sheer shirt tucked into a leather miniskirt held up by a studded belt
    HBO Max

    One of the things I love about Monet is her ability to flip her style switch without breaking a sweat. It's so fun to watch her go from classy businessperson in charge to rock star going to a party within a single episode. This dark, smoky outfit, combined with the oversize Chanel earrings, is everything, and I need more of it now!!

    1. And finally, Julien's sheer sequined gown:

    Julien wears a shimmery, sheer dress with a dark bodysuit underneath
    HBO Max

    Julien may have made some questionable decisions in this episode, but this look was not one of them. I applaud the costume designers for making the decision to have most of Julien's party outfits be bold and daring. I mean, life's too short to wear boring clothes, am I right????

    See you next week, my darlings!

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