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    25 "Criminal Minds" Tumblr Posts That Made Me Say, "How Was This Show Real?"

    Wheels up, team!

    Criminal Minds is known for many things: incredible writing, lovable characters, and absolutely hilarious moments that occur in every episode.

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    Though their first priority is to solve crimes, that doesn't mean they don't know how to crack a joke. Below are some of their best moments.

    1. When Hotch thought Garcia was getting some ~help~ during work hours.

    2. When Rossi revealed Reid's true "origin story."

    3. When Garcia was a little too casual about going to prison.

    4. When Reid mentioned that Rossi was a man of a "certain age" and Rossi was NOT having it.

    5. When JJ had to mother Reid and Morgan.

    6. When Hotch revealed that Reid had game.

    7. When Emily and JJ were extremely hung over and Reid did not help.

    8. When Hotch considered modeling a new FBI weapon after Spider-Man.

    9. When Tara delivered this epic burn to Luke.

    10. When Garcia picked the wrong moment to flirt with Morgan.

    11. When Reid had some trouble eating his noodles.

    12. When Rossi "helped" the team in his own way.

    13. When a guy claiming to be an FBI agent tried to hit on the BAU ladies and was put firmly in his place.

    14. When Hotch expertly explained Reid's role on the team.

    15. When Simmons tricked Garcia into revealing her secret tattoo.

    16. When Emily was completely lost during a game of poker.

    17. When Reid broke the first rule of playing cards.

    18. When JJ's teasing flew right over Reid's head.

    19. When Emily proved that the BAU was her first love.

    20. When Rossi flexed his classy wardrobe.

    21. When Garcia had immediate regret for her choice of words to her boss.

    22. When Morgan explained that Garcia, a pastel queen, is not to be trifled with.

    23. When Reid was blissfully unaware of Twilight mania.

    24. When Emily accurately represented what it's like to listen to Reid speak.

    25. And, finally, when Reid gave Garcia the sweetest gift of all.

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