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    25 Tumblr Posts That Prove "Bob’s Burgers" Is A Vastly Underrated Show

    "What's all this cocaine doing at school? Throw it away!"

    1. When Linda made a hilarious but inappropriate joke in front of her children.

    2. Whenever the kids showed off their unique and creative Halloween costumes.

    3. When Linda couldn't contain her love of Christmas.

    4. When Bob went above and beyond for his kids.

    5. When Gene made a pretty convincing argument against audiobooks.

    6. When Linda got more than she bargained for when checking on her kids at night.

    7. When Henry beat the system to get out of doing group work at school.

    8. When Linda reminded Bob of what he lost.

    9. When Gene and Tina came up with ~interesting~ excuses to get rid of cups of drywall.

    10. When Mr. Fischoeder made a weird yet poetic observation about life.

    11. When the family roasted Bob for just for being himself.

    12. When Louise made it known she did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

    13. When the kids shut down Bob's valid questions.

    14. When the family spent Thanksgiving at the horrifying Fischoeder Manor.

    15. When Linda accurately described the features of an everyday human person.

    16. When Teddy made his bed and then had to lie in it.

    17. When Bob was the most supportive husband.

    18. When the kids played a game where whoever got into the most wedding photos didn't have to clean the grease trap.

    19. When Linda accurately described alcohol.

    20. When the kids wrote the most beautiful Spanish love ballad ever.

    21. When Tina was incredibly sassy to Jimmy Jr.

    22. When Jocelyn's lack of education was put on display.

    23. When Louise delivered this epic burn about a classmate.

    24. When Louise reminded Bob of what was most important in the moment.

    25. And, finally, whenever Louise did or said anything.