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10 Reasons Why This Muslim Publishing House Is What Canada Needs

Qurtuba Publishing House is aiming to change the narrative for Muslim-Canadians. And here's everything you need to know.

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1. Qurtuba Publishing House was founded by three Somali-Canadian sisters from Ottawa.

Meet the three #Somali sisters changing the #Muslim narrative in the West @QurtubaPH @younglioness__

All under the age of 30!

2. The sisters believe that Muslim-Canadians have bore the brunt of negative media portrayals for far too long.

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And that it's finally time for change.

3. And it's no secret that there is a lack of visible minority and culturally diverse voices in the Canadian publishing world.

5. The sisters believe Canadian Muslims need a vessel for their own voice to reclaim their narratives, and create a more accurate portrayal of themselves.

6. The company was named after the historic Islamic city of Qurtuba, known for its cultural diversity and technological advances.

The sisters hope to bring that same diversity to contemporary Canadian society.

7. Qurtuba covers topics from business, women, health and immigration, all from a Muslim perspective.

The company is also planning to write books on Islamic meditation and mental health.

Aside from traditional literature, Qurtuba also plans to create academic workshops in the future.

These workshops will aim to equip his group the tools they need to combat challenges they may face in Western society, proactively and positively.


8. While this is a Muslim publishing house, the company wants to include and educate all Canadians.

3 Winnipeg Muslim women speak against efforts to politicize the niqab #elxn42 #cdnpoli

9. This company, and the sisters who own it, are already receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback around the country.

These sisters started their own publishing house, @QurtubaPH -- putting out practical guides for Western-born Muslims

10. And, if it's sparking any of your interest, they’re currently looking for more writers!

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To learn more about Qurtuba Publishing House, follow them on Twitter @QurtubaPH or visit their website.