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    Things All "Finding Carter" Fans Know To Be True

    Because this show is your new guilty please.

    Carter is extremely self-centered.

    At least in the beginning

    And her rebellion against her family is super frustrating...

    Seriously, Carter, they thought you were dead and your only concern is making their life a living hell. And science.


    Anyways, the show should be called Finding Taylor.

    Because she is by far the better twin. She knows who she is and isn't afraid to be herself.



    She saw right through Bird.



    Yes. Yes, you do.

    Or maybe we can just focus on Max?

    And that ponytail...


    And croutons!

    Let’s be honest, we’re all watching for the perfection that is MAYLOR.

    We really love you guys.

    Don't ever change <3

    But we also appreciate other things...

    Like Ofe’s subtle one-liners

    "I feel stupid now because I got you one of those bop-it keychains."

    And Crash’s mysterious backstory

    Really? I find that hard to believe.

    I mean, seriously, his brother burned to death in a truck..

    Crash, you're sexy, but there's no way your story ends well.

    Sorry, bro

    And, of course, our love/hate relationship with Bird (Beatrix)

    "You have feelings for Crash? I know we're building a friendship but I'm still going to bang him..."

    Ya know, right in front of you.

    “Oh, you don’t like my painting? Allow me to post it all over the school to traumatize you further.”

    “Here, have this expensive jewelry to remember me by. I love you, friend”

    “JK LOLZ I’m going to frame you for grand larceny.” -Bird

    And Finding Carter fans everywhere were like

    But we know deep down she has her demons, which explains her erratic behavior...

    "He was wearing a mask."

    I GUESS we’ll let you stick around... mostly because we all hang out at your house.

    Speaking of questionable characters, who doesn’t love to see what shady shit David is up to?

    C’mon David, we ALL knew Carter was going to find out about the book...

    Should have been up front from the start.

    And we all knew Lori wasn’t going to show....

    "My intentions were good, but my methods sucked ass."


    You shady bastard.

    We can't reconcile if Lori's actions were justified...

    Or if she is actually just a crazy bitch.

    Also, how does homegirl rock the ponytail/baseball cap look so effortlessly?

    Fugitive fashion choices aside, we have a lot of other unanswered questions...

    Did David have something to do with the kidnapping?

    Most likely.

    What marriage recovers from an extramarital affair that quickly?

    One. Episode.

    ....with the help of their children?

    This doesn't happen.

    Will Gabe ever find love?


    Who raped bird?

    Please don't let it be a character we've already grown to like!

    Why did Max think a lamp would make Taylor’s first time perfect?

    JUST KIDDING. We already know it’s because he’s amazingly devoted to her and we’re all really jealous.

    I want someone to buy me a lamp :(

    But most importantly, WHO IS GOING TO GET SHOT?

    Because if it's Max, WE OUT.

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