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    33 Things That'll Help Make Daily Chores A Breeze

    Cleaning, cooking, grooming...it's all a lot. But, these products are here to help.

    1. A daily tear-off planner pad for an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to lay out everything from your daily water intake to appointments and tasks, that way you don't have to waste time figuring out what needs to be done next and you don't forget anything important.

    The planner pad, which reads "you've got this" at the top

    2. Or a weekly planner mouse pad that'll help you keep your daily tasks and chores at top of mind during your busy day. This unique combination notepad and mouse pad has a slot for a pen and lined sections for each weekday, the weekend, and to jot some notes.

    "my awesome week" pad features sections for weekdays, one for the weekend, and one for notes

    3. A dishwasher magnet to prevent you from accidentally putting your dirty dinner plate in with all the clean dishes and then rerunning the whole thing. Now you'll never have to ask everyone in the house, "Is the dishwasher clean?!" before putting something in it.

    the white magnet on a dishwasher that says "clean" in black letters when positioned one way and "dirty" when rotated to the other side

    4. An Echo Dot so Alexa can tell you when your next appointment is, play your favorite song while you get ready, set alarms, and more.

    5. A detangling brush that'll glide through hair and remove knots without making you cry in the process.

    6. And an orange vanilla conditioning detangler spray made with vegan, plant-based ingredients to make after shower brushing a whole lot less painful and time-consuming.

    reviewer holding the spray bottle

    7. A backseat purse-holder so your bag doesn't spill all over the car floor while you're busy running errands. Between store runs and appointments, nobody has time for all that! This will keep your belongings inside the bag, instead of all over your passenger seat.

    8. A set of custom labels you can use to organize your refrigerator or pantry. These will ensure your fridge always looks tidy, it'll be much easier to put groceries away, and you won't have to worry about rummaging through every shelf trying to remember where you put the ranch dressing.

    9. A makeup-erasing cloth so you don't have to spend forever scrubbing your face off and and irritating your skin at night.

    before-and-after of a buzzfeed writer wiping the makeup off half her face with the cloth

    10. A set of bedsheet fasteners, because no one likes to wake up and realize their entire fitted sheet is now bunched up in the corner of their bed. With these, making your bed in the morning will be a breeze!

    The fasteners attached to a bedsheet

    11. A walnut scrubber sponge for an eco-friendly upgrade from your gross old sponges. It's designed to conquer tough cleaning jobs on dishes, countertops, and more. Plus, it's hypoallergenic and plant-based (meaning it doesn't contain harmful toxins).

    the walnut scrubber sponge

    12. A container of Tide Pods to act as your detergent, stain remover, and color protector in one convenient little package. It'll be SO much easier to just pop one of these in the washer instead of measuring out messy liquid detergent.

    reviewer's container of tide pods with four pods next to it

    13. A toilet gel you can stamp in to give your toilet bowl a little wash every time you flush. Yes, it's that simple. And each gel stamp lasts for up to 12 days.

    14. A multipurpose cleaner formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients you can use to boost your laundry detergent, get out stains on clothes and carpets, tidy surfaces, and more.

    three bottles of the cleaner in scents frankincense and myrth, sandalwood, and nag champa

    15. A Revlon one-step hair dryer and styler to assist you in getting the perfect blowout in *half* the time.

    16. Or a coconut shea curl defining creme perfect for those of us who like to just throw a product in our natural hair and go. The medium-hold styler leaves curls looking soft and bouncy. And the ingredients, which include coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, help to protect hair against protein loss.

    17. A meal-planning and grocery list pad so you're not walking aimlessly down the store aisles or rushing to throw together a list as you head out the door. Keeping a running list of what you need will make grocery shopping and meal prep a lot quicker.

    18. And a pack of three-compartment food containers guaranteed to make meal prepping so much easier. After you cook and fill them up, you won't have to take the time to prepare your meals for days.

    Reviewer photo of 12 containers of full meals

    19. A Dawn Platinum Powerwash dish spray starter kit you can conveniently spray over your dishes and then easily wipe away the grease and other food residue, without having to do a bunch of scrubbing.

    The Dawn Powerwash being sprayed on a sink full of dishes

    20. A tub of heavy-duty cleaning wipes to help you quickly and easily clean up grease, oil, dirt, ink, makeup, food, and more on pretty much any surface. No need to take a chunk of time to hunt down the mop, broom, cleaning sprays, etc. Just give your surfaces a quick wipe between deep cleanings.

    21. A bottle of Jergens wet skin lotion, because you can apply it while your skin is still wet, before you even step out of the shower. It saves a few minutes and will lock in the hydration your skin needs.

    A hand holding the bottle of lotion over a relaxing-looking bath

    22. A microwave pasta maker that'll make it super easy to enjoy a yummy pasta dinner when you just don't have the energy to boil the water, stir the pasta, and do all those extra steps. Dinner will be served in a fraction of the time (and energy).

    A person dumping water out of the container and into the sink while the pasta stays securely inside

    23. A large garden dustpan for anyone with an excessive leaf problem in their yard as soon as fall rolls around. If you dread raking all the time, this will be your new best friend thanks to its wide-mouth funnel design.

    24. A robotic vacuum that'll constantly and effortlessly keep the dust and dirt off the floor for you, even getting those annoying areas like under the table.

    25. A Rapid Slicer tool to make food prep wayyyy faster — it helps to hold all those awkwardly shaped foods in place (like tomatoes, grapes, etc.) so you can swiftly chop 'em up.

    26. A pack of stainless steel wipes to conveniently clean, polish, and shine your kitchen appliances. No elbow grease required and no more constantly trying to get rid of the fingerprints on the refrigerator.

    Reviewer showing their dirty sink with cup rings and residue next to their after photo of the sink looking spotless

    27. A self-cleaning litter box because 1. no one likes to clean litter boxes and 2. your independent cat probably doesn't want you touching their stuff anyway.

    28. A touchless stationary vacuum that's so convenient, you'll be tossing your old school dustpan in the garbage the second you hit "add to cart." Just sweep towards it and it'll take it from there.

    29. A tub of glass cleaning wipes that'll allow you to stop going through tons of paper towels just to leave awkward streaks and water drops on your windows, mirrors, and shower door. These will do the job faster and better.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of a clean window after using the glass wipes

    30. A genius drip catcher that'll prevent those gross puddles from forming on your kitchen counter in the first place so you won't feel like you're constantly wiping down the same spot on a loop.

    31. A pair of microfiber mop slippers you can shuffle around the house in to keep the floors clean without even thinking about it.

    32. A countertop dishwasher for those in apartments or homes without dishwashers who just can't stay on top of that never-ending pile of plates and cups. I feel your pain. 😫 This will definitely help take the ~load~ off!

    33. And a chic time-marked water bottle that'll help remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day so you don't have that "I don't think I drank any water today" moment at 8 p.m. And for that exact reason, I do consider drinking enough water to be a daily chore.

    The water bottle

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