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    15 Pairs Of Sneakers On Sale At Nike That'll Have You Clearing Out Space In Your Closet

    Style and comfort for a fraction of the price.

    1. Nike Air Max 2090s display an exciting combination of bright pink and purple hues with a unique transparent overlay so you can switch things up from your typical plain white kicks.

    The sneakers in pink and purple with black details and a transparent mesh

    2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35s provide great support with a high resiliency sockliner that shapes to your foot perfectly. This style is great for fitness and will match almost anything in your collection of cute leggings and tanks.

    The shoes in black with white soles and a white swish

    3. Nike Court Royale AC Canvas sneakers have a clean aesthetic that can be paired with anything from dresses to jeans. And the touch of golden yellow gives them a nice pop of color.

    The sneakers in all white with a yellow swish

    4. Nike Air Max '90s are perfect for anyone who loves to incorporate retro vibes into their everyday style. This sneaker is cushioned, supportive, and available in this fun combination of neon pink and green — giving us major Fresh Prince vibes.

    Nike Air Max 90 sneakers in white, neon green, and pink

    5. KD13 basketball shoes will 100% catch people's attention whether you wear them shooting hoops or going out. Beyond the fun combination of colorful prints and gold details, this sneaker also features a soft tongue and cushioned collar to enhance comfort.

    The sneaker features a multicolor print of butterflies and chains with gold and black details on the swish, sole, and laces

    6. Nike Cortez G's definitely make chic golf shoes, but they're also the perfect color to complete your fall wardrobe. This crisp white style with maroon details is just begging you to wear it with a flannel.

    The sneakers in white with maroon swishes and bottoms

    7. Nike Air Max 90 Twists come in a super versatile all-black colorway with a white sole, making them perfect for daily wear. Say hello to your new go-tos!

    The black sneakers

    8. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknits are designed to help reduce injuries during runs, thanks to lots of foam and a stable, soft feel.

    9. Nike Daybreaks, originally released in 1979, bring back a well-loved vintage style that's comfy, casual, and super versatile. Plus, this pretty lavender color just makes them feel that much more stylish.

    The sneakers in lavender with light pink laces and white, black, and silver details

    10. Nike Joyride Run Flyknit running shoes have tiny foam beads in the sole to help compress and adapt to your every step...and how cool do they look?!

    11. Nike Air Max 270 Reacts use a special technology to reduce weight and add flexibility, so you can smoothly move about your day with ease.

    12. NikeCourt Air Max Vapor Wing Premium tennis shoes feature heel cushions and a soft leather outer, making them equally wearable and fashionable. Rock them on the tennis court or pair them with some dress pants — either way, it'll be a winning look.

    13. Nike Renew Run sneakers provide a soft foam cushion for your feet, as well as support and durable traction to help you conquer those early morning runs. It also has a breathable mesh and a lightweight design, basically making them a runner's dream.

    14. Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2s have a sleek laceless design with a close fit so they still feel secure, allowing you to exercise without the fear of tripping over laces.

    15. Kyrie 6 "Asia Irving" basketball sneakers represent gender equality by honoring NBA star Kyrie Irving's older sister, Asia — a successful model and entrepreneur. From the unique purple camo print to the touches of neon, these sneakers will look dope both on and off the court.

    When you're actually excited to go for a jog because you get to wear your new sneakers:

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