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    28 Products To Help Make Long Trips Better

    Things for everyone who loves to travel, but hates the packing, long commutes, and uncomfortable seats.

    1. A travel wallet that'll save you from trying to dig out your loose passport and boarding pass after you frantically stuffed them in the bottom of your bag. Plus, it features a RFID blocking shield material to keep your info safe from skimming!

    2. An Away carry-on designed with a hidden laundry bag, a TSA-approved combination lock, an ejectable battery to charge your phone, and 360-degree wheels. Basically, it's the Beyoncé of luggage.

    3. A pair of compression socks to stop your feet from swelling up like balloons on long flights or road trips.

    4. A twistable memory foam pillow that'll make your next road trip a WAY more comfy experience.

    5. A travel organizer made of waterproof nylon to keep your phone cords, camera batteries, and SD cards, untangled, undamaged, and easy to find.

    reviewer's travel organizer filled with cords, chargers, and batteries

    6. A 3D contoured cup sleeping mask with ear plugs and a travel pouch so you can arrive at your destination feeling rested and ready to go!

    7. A portable digital luggage scale guaranteed to help you avoid that annoying moment at the airport when you have to frantically take stuff out of one bag and jam it into another.

    reviewer using the luggage scale to weight their suitcase

    8. A trendy vaccine card holder with a clip so you can easily carry your vaccine card around when traveling in case you need to show it to anyone. For some strange reason, the cards were not made to fit in most wallets so this will keep it safe and compliment your outfit. 

    eight different vaccine card holders in various prints, colors, and glitter
    Ava Reign Creations / Etsy

    Ava Reign Creations is a New York-based Etsy shop that sells masks, gifts, and more. 

    Promising review: "These will be great for travel to Hawaii. Each of us will be able to safely keep our vaccination cards on us. We will be able to clip them to inside of our travel backpacks and access them easily. Shipped quickly and well packaged." —hydrator1 

    Get it from Ava Reign Creations on Etsy for $8 (available in eight colors/designs). 

    9. A sleek portable charger that can fully charge your iPhone or Galaxy more than two times before it needs to be charged itself. This way you don't have to stress about your phone (or iPad) dying while you're in the middle of rewatching Gossip Girl during your flight.

    reviewer holding the slim black portable charger

    10. A pack of homeopathic jet-lag pills to help you adjust to the time change and not feel like total crap once you finally touch down and want to head straight to the pool.

    the box of no-jet-lag pills

    11. A memory foam foot hammock for optimal relaxation during a torturously long flight.

    reviewer in an airplane seat with their feet resting on the foot hammock

    12. A convenient travel tube blanket you can wear as a scarf while you're rushing around the airport and then immediately turn it into a cozy blanket the minute you're in your seat with the AC blowing directly on you. 

    the travel blanket in gray
    a person wrapped up in the blanket at an airport
    Travel Tube Blankets / Etsy

    Travel Tube Blankets is a woman-owned small business based in Washington.

    Promising review: "The product is excellent quality, durable and practical. It was just like how it was described. The Seller went above and beyond and included a lovely face mask, information about the product and a lovely card. Very thoughtful. Looking forward to start my travels so I can use my tube blanket." —Nothando 

    Get it from Travel Tube Blankets on Etsy for $48.

    13. A packing checklist notepad, because no one likes to be halfway to a new place when they realize that they forgot to pack their toothbrush.

    the packing check list pad divided into the categories basics, miscellaneous, clothes, and hygiene

    14. A heat-resistant silicone mat/pouch so you can safely store your hot hair tools without having to worry about them melting or burning anything.

    15. A nylon convertible tote bag from Shay Mitchell's travel brand Béis, because you'll be able to stuff it with all of your essentials, it can be worn on your back if it's feeling a little too heavy, it has lots of pockets to keep things organized (two exterior and three interior), and it's just SO CUTE.

    model wearing the backpack in  beige with a water bottle in the side pocket and a tennis racket sticking out of the top
    anther model wearing the backpack in black

    Promising review: "I used this bag on a recent trip to Cabo and it was great! I took it to the beach, I used it on the plane, I used it when walking around the city and it was perfect for all of it. Highly recommend this bag!" —FRANCES

    Get it from Béis, Nordstrom, or Revolve for $54 (available in two colors).

    16. A pair of Bose noise-cancelling wireless headphones so you can block out the noise on the plane, train, or bus and enjoy your carefully curated travel playlist or watch your favorite show. Plus, they even have Alexa voice control!

    model wearing the headphones in black while writing in a notebook outside

    17. A TSA-approved toiletry bag perfect for packing your liquids and other small products in your carry-on, without worrying about them spilling everywhere.

    the clear toiletry bag filled with travel-sized beauty products

    18. Or a large toiletry bag for keeping all of your beauty essentials organized and ready to go at a moment's notice. And when you get to your destination, you can keep it propped nicely on the counter or use the hanging hook to hide it away in a closet or behind the door. 

    the toiletry bag in gray stuffed with various beauty products
    the bag closed up and sitting on a bathroom counter
    Bimble Travel / Etsy

    Bimble Travel is a California-based small business. 

    Promising review: "I ordered the gray toiletry bag and I’m so in love with it. It looks just like the picture and fits everything and more that I need! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is traveling. 😊" —Audra Alls

    Get it from Bimble Travel on Etsy for $21.98.

    19. AirFly Pro, which is a wireless transmitter that'll connect your AirPods (or any wireless headphones) to the headphone jack on the flight so you're not forced to buy those crappy airplane earbuds. It has a battery life of 16+ hours so you don't have to worry about any interruptions on long flights.

    the AirFly Pro plugged into a screen on a plane

    20. Fragrance- and chemical-free odor eliminators you can stick in your bag to avoid any smelly aromas.

    the charcoal bag inside of a gym bag

    21. A compact laundry bag so you don't have to worry about your worn, dirty clothes getting mixed up with your clean ones when going in and out of your suitcase.

    22. A universal travel adapter to prevent you from the stress and confusion of getting to another country and realizing that you can't charge your phone.

    the outlet adaptor with devices plugged in

    23. A travel belt so you can keep your tote bag securely fastened on your suitcase without having to struggle with all of your heavy bags through the airport or worrying about your tote falling off and spilling all over the place. (I'm sweating just thinking about how stressful that is.) 

    the travel belt in white that says
    the travel belt being used to hold a tote bag on top of a suitcase

    Cincha is a California-based, BIPOC-owned small business. The brand donates 100 airline miles for each purchase, to use to reconnect separated migrant families through the Miles4Migrants non-profit. 

    Promising review: "I was really excited to use this belt for my first trip abroad since before the pandemic. It is really cute and it allowed me to keep my heavy bag on top of my suitcase." —Jessica

    Get it from Cincha for $47 (available in 16 designs). 

    24. A phone and tablet holder perfect for relaxing and watching Netflix on the plane, bus, or train, without having to uncomfortably hold your phone the entire time.

    25. A pack of portable folding clothes hangers that'll allow you to unpack properly (avoiding wrinkled and bunched up clothes) when you get to your destination, while not taking up too much space in your suitcase. Genius!

    26. A bar of solid shampoo made with natural ingredients to help you minimize on the amount of liquids you're bringing. No one likes it when TSA tells you to toss your expensive shampoo bottle because it's too big!

    eight bars of the shampoo in different scents on a surface next to a pouch bag

    27. A travel jewelry case to avoid the stress of your favorite necklaces and rings getting tangled, damaged, or lost while bouncing around in your luggage. This will keep them organized and safe, without taking up much space. 

    small white jewelry box with a zip closure and some rings, earrings, and necklaces inside
    Caitlyn Minimalist / Etsy

    Caitlyn Minimalist is a woman-owned small business based in Los Angeles that sells dainty personalized jewelry. 

    Promising review: "I love it exactly what I needed perfect for travel or just keeping a few things safe. I wanted something to keep my rings in instead of separate boxes. I love the minimalist style and the necklace storage is awesome!!" —Charlie Tickell

    Get it from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy for $19.50 (originally $26).

    28. And a pair of washable, breathable, and packable knit sneakers that'll keep your feet comfy in almost any environment, without cramping your style.

    model wearing the sneakers in black

    Happy travels!