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    23 Photography Products That Are Actually Affordable

    Take your photos to the next level — even if you're on a budget.

    1. A flexible phone tripod that can bend around doorknobs, fences, furniture and more to ensure you always get the angle you need.

    2. A wireless remote control so you can take your own photos without having to turn on the timer, run, pose, and hope the photo was actually in focus.

    3. A fringe curtain perfect for photo backdrops at parties or any shoot that you want to feel fun and festive. With a strip of self-adhesive at the top, it's *super* easy to hang on the wall.

    4. A waterproof phone pouch so you can master the art of underwater photography... or at least not damage your phone when you want to take some poolside selfies.

    5. A pack of microfiber cleaning cloths that'll rid your camera or phone lens of smudges and finger prints, to make sure your photos are coming out crisp and clear.

    6. A two-in-one clip-on cellphone lens kit with a wide angle lens to help largely expand the field of view and a macro lens to capture clear, detailed photos at a distance.

    7. An extendable selfie stick that connects to Bluetooth so you can snap pics at the click of a button. It's compact and easy to carry around, making it perfect for traveling.

    8. A camera tripod, because it's lightweight with adjustable-height, you can securely lock your camera in, and you can tilt and swivel, giving you a sturdy, yet moveable base to capture your photos and videos. Plus, it comes with a carrying case.

    9. A reliable SD card for shooting and uploading all of your content with ease.

    the 32gb memory card

    10. And a water-resistant memory card case that holds 12 SD cards, has a snap-on lock, and comes with a carabiner so you can attach your case to a strap or camera bag.

    reviewer's memory card case filled with memory cards

    11. A five-in-one collapsable light reflector with a gold, silver, white, black, and translucent surface to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your shot, whether you want something dark and moody or bright and cheery. It also has a handle, making it much more convenient to hold in position.

    12. A comfy padded camera strap with handy accessory pockets (great for your SD cards or microfiber cloths) and quick release buckles that'll help you add some personality to your camera and allow you to carry it around with ease.

    reviewer's polkadot camera strap on their canon camera

    13. A clip-on LED selfie light so you never have to worry about if a location has crappy, dim overhead lighting. Simply clip this over your phone's camera lens, choose your brightness, and snap your ~glowing~ selfie.

    14. Or a ring light with an adjustable tripod stand and cellphone holder guaranteed to be any aspiring influencer's most prized possession. It can be used for filming videos, taking photos, and even doing makeup when you find yourself suffering from a severe lack of natural lighting.

    15. A plain white backdrop, because you can never go wrong with a simple, clean photo background. You'll be using this again and again for headshots, flatlays, conceptual shoots, and more.

    16. An optical glass triangular prism for adding cool effects, like rainbows and distortion, to your photos.

    17. A pack of 72 photography idea cards to help you flex those creative muscles and practice taking pictures of all types of different things.

    A few of the cards that read things like "an egg" and "something from a thrift shop"

    18. A mini photo shooting tent with LED lighting and six backdrop options perfect for taking high-quality photos of small items. This will especially come in handy if you're working on your product photography.

    19. A set of six heavy duty muslin clamps to hold backdrops in place so you don't have to worry about them falling off or moving around too much while you're in the middle of a shoot.

    20. A camera bag with plenty of space to carry your new DSLR and extra lens. It's padded to keep everything nice and safe inside, it has two smaller side pockets, and a removable shoulder strap.

    reviewer's camera bag with a camera and extra lens inside

    21. A pack of Instant Film frame stickers for anyone who prefers to shoot their pictures on a FujiFilm Instax Mini camera. These sticker frames will give your photos a fun look, perfect for hanging on your wall, putting in an album, or scrapbooking.

    22. A photo album perfect if you still find joy in having physical copies of your lovely photos. The album holds up to 200 4x6 photos and has space to jot down a note next to each one.

    reviewer's four photo albums in different colors, marked with the year

    23. Or a Chatbook — a physical photo book you can easily fill up with photos from your social media or computer. You can customize the size, color, and pages with minimal effort and then you'll receive this perfect keepsake in the mail, filled your favorite pictures.

    a kid looking through a chatbook

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