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15 Selfies That Should Go The Way Of Myspace

Some photo fads should have just died with it.

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Lovingly written by Kayla Bibeau, writer at Fueled an award winning iPhone application development firm in London.

Myspace is dead and, with it, tacky personalized backgrounds, GIF-like comments and the pain of being removed from someone's top 5.

Instead of evolving from these frightful fads, all other social networks have served host to one trend that survived the Myspace disaster of '07-'08: the signature "Myspace pose." It's like a genetic defect passed down in a display of social network Darwinism gone wrong. So wrong.

Check out these signature moves that still plague our feeds (unfortunately):

Selective Coloring

This one highlights the signature extended arm with the camera being held at an unreasonably-steep angle, pointed downwards at the subject who is not allowed to use his/her neck. Only look upwards with your eyes. Bonus points for your best sultry or woeful face. Nothing says tacky like this.

The Heavy Vignette

If you’re feeling extra frisky, you’ll try a nice black and white filter with potential selective coloring, heavy vignette and text with song lyrics or a cute phrase like “B@biGurL<3.”

What would our forefathers say?

Our last image features a nice combination of the leg lift, duck face and mirror selfie-- but for future generations: please leave grandma out of this.

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