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    19 Times Louise Belcher Was The Most Relatable Character On TV


    1. When this was how she described her sister.

    2. When she knew less was more.

    3. When she gave out compliments like this.

    4. When she was brutally honest with Tina.

    5. When she had fun with her brother.

    6. Whenever she doled out a sassy remark.

    7. When she knew there was a time and place to be mean to someone.

    8. When she was all of us when we're sick.

    9. When she figured out how to get rich quick.

    10. When she had the perfect reaction to an unpleasant situation.

    11. When she felt empathy for the first time.

    12. When she described having feelings for someone.

    13. When she gave out great advice.

    14. When she came up with incredible catchphrases.

    15. When she tried to logically explain her feelings.

    16. When she came up the most creative Halloween costume.

    17. When she knew how to make herself memorable.

    18. When she never half-assed any project.

    19. And, finally, when she never passed up an opportunity to be her true self.