15 Times Gina Linetti From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Was A True Queen

    "I have great hair and I love lying."

    1. When she had a solid plan for her life.

    2. When she knew her strengths.

    3. When she proved she has high standards for herself.

    4. When she had no problem being brutally honest.

    5. When she gave a shout-out to her haters.

    6. When she knew the hardships of being nosy.

    7. When she had the best nicknames for her friends.

    8. When she showed off her killer dance moves.

    9. When she stood up for herself.

    10. When she called out other people's stupidity.

    11. When she made adorable puns.

    12. When she used emojis in real life.

    13. When she took her job *very* seriously.

    14. When she always kept it real.

    15. And, finally, whenever she expressed herself through clothing.

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