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    10 Times Cece And Schmidt From "New Girl" Redefined Relationship Goals

    "Girl, I'mma marry you."

    1. When Schmidt made his feelings clear from the very beginning.

    2. When Cece understood Schmidt's feelings better than anyone else.

    3. When Schmidt asked Cece important questions.

    4. Whenever they would flirt.

    Some of the flirting wasn't the best but we loved it anyways.

    5. When Schmidt went out of his way to do nice things for Cece.

    6. When Cece was always there for Schmidt; even after he hurt her so much.

    7. When they were finally honest about how they feel about each other.

    8. When Schmidt fought for their relationship.

    9. Whenever they had fun together.

    10. And, finally, when they got married and we all wept tears of joy at the sight of true love.

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