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    Here Are Some Very Important Writing Tips From Neil Gaiman

    He stopped by and gave us some writerly advice.

    You're writing. Good for you!

    But sometimes, as you're writing, you hit a wall.

    Or you have a great idea, but no clue how to start.

    But worry not! Neil Gaiman came in and we asked him for writerly advice.

    So: your protagonist and antagonist need to meet. How should it happen?

    You can also have your protagonist fall for it — literally.

    Try the classic: two nemeses walk into a bar...

    Or make them star-crossed. Really, really star-crossed.

    But what happens if my protagonist is straight-up about to die and they can't yet, because I need them?

    Wait, what?!

    Okay, that's fair. But Neil, what if I REALLY don't want to murder my protagonist?

    Excellent. Now, go forth and kill your heroes.

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