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This Talented Make Up Artist Can Transform Herself Into Literally Anybody

Just wait until you see her Morgan Freeman!

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She's a make up artist from Paris living in Sint Maarten and she's been killing the make up transformation game one Instagram at a time.

Kanye West

Her talent is quite literally mindblowing.

Seriously. Is this Magali or is this actual Nicki Minaj?!

Her favourite subject? Black male celebrities. Here's Barack Obama.

She even did Floyd Mayweather's mugshot.

Just check out her incredible Notorious B.I.G.

She makes a pretty convincing Eddie Murphy too.

Here's Magali painted as Tyga.

Is there no end to her talents? Here's a video of all of Magali's transformation looks:

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Keep your eyes peeled for her INSANE Oprah look!

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