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    18 Weird Things That Authors Do

    Authors are a unique breed, unlike the rest of humanity. Lydia Kang, author of CONTROL, offers a few qualities that sets them apart from the rest.

    1. Wear pajamas all day and not shower until forced.

    2. Eavesdrop on private conversations for plot fodder.

    3. Pretend we don’t read reviews, when we do.

    4. Pretend we don’t get upset by reviews, when we do.

    5. How we deal with #4

    6. What we use for sustenance while writing.

    7. When we just wrote an awesome scene:

    8. When we reread the scene later and realize it sucks:

    9. When we get publishing deals:

    10. Stalk certain editors of certain publishing houses on social media.

    11. When we get a shiny new idea:

    12. When we start writing the shiny new idea:

    13. When we’re halfway through writing the shiny new idea:

    14. At our first book convention:

    15. At our fifth book convention:

    16. How some people see us:

    17. ...How we really feel:

    18. How people react when we tell them about our newest, latest, craziest novel idea.