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Top 10 Publishing Tumblrs

There is no shortage of Tumblrs from the world in publishing, but these 10 take the cake.

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9. Cover Spy


Maybe looking at bookshelves isn't your thing. Maybe you're more into spying on people reading on the train? CoverSpy highlights the top books spotted on New York's MTA system. They stare awkwardly at strangers so you don't have to!

7. Life in Small Press Publishing

Life's a little different outside of the Big 5, and Life in Small Press Publishing gives us a great glimpse into that world. Sure, much of the content is similar to Life in Publishing and the other GIF tumblrs, but the small press twist sets this Tumblr apart.

6. Librarian Problems

Libraries are a unique universe, and the librarians who inhabit them live and breathe books all day long. This tumblr airs some of the daily grievances - think clueless patrons, monotonous tasks, and of course, books they're reading.

3. Slush Pile Hell


Do you miss Miss Snark? Slush Pile Hell has taken over the reins with grace and sarcasm. This anonymous agent posts and responds to actual queries from her inbox (and sometimes Twitter feed). A great cautionary tale for writers on the agent hunt.