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Seeking A Book For The End Of The World

You've boarded up your house to protect yourself from looters and zombies. Water and food are scarce. You are not prepared for the apocalypse, but here are a few books that may get you there.

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THE EYE OF GOD by James Rollins

After a research satellite crashes to earth and scientists identify a set of meteors that are set to do the same, this thriller sets up an impending apocalypse. All we have to say is that if the end of the world is upon us, we want Sigma Force on our side.


Should there be zombies in your post-apocalyptic world, you'll definitely want to snag this handy survival guide. Keep it in the tornado shelter with your canned goods and bottled water.

AFTERTIME by Sophie Littlefield

What do you do if you're separated from your family during a zombie apocalypse? According to Littlefield, sharpen your fighting skills, team up with an outlaw, and head out into the bleak landscape to find them.

I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson

Robert Neville is the only one left who witnessed the end of the world brought about by a vampire virus. The apocalypse can be very lonely but much like this character, you may find that there is still hope. Oh, and maybe check out the multiple movie versions since there is plenty of time to kill if you're the last person on earth.


It's safe to assume if martians crash into our earth with robotic machines manufactured for destruction, the world as we know it is probably at an end. The book created mass hysteria when it was read by Orson Welles over the radio in 1938. Read this book and consider how much we still don't know about the universe.