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    Regency Style

    Regency romance author, Sherrill Bodine, provides insight into what it was like to live in this historical era.

    No underwear lines

    Most of the fabric worn in the Regency period was filmy and clingy, so women wore minimal underwear to avoid lines. This, perhaps, is what inspired the thong.


    Hair was worn either short and curly or kept long but upswept and held in place with encircling bands – often jeweled.

    The Spa Experience

    Regency era women enjoyed the spa experience long before microdermabrasions and pumpkin peel masks. They really knew how to "take the waters."

    French Windows

    French windows were popularized in the Regency period. Conservatories and verandas were introduced to make the transition from house to garden even more tempting.

    Marrying for Money

    Ownership of land and commodities ensured men would posses power and the ability to live a desired lifestyle. The men who possessed either or both were considered prime marriage material.

    Fashion Plates

    These were the precursor to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, and Glamour. Every fashionable woman read them before rushing off to shop.


    Parties were given to introduce marriageable and desirable males to equally attractive females. Think of it as speed dating with dancing instead of talking.


    People of the Regency era had great capacity for enjoyment. Whether amid the elegance of a London social season, the delights of Spa’s or dining and dancing at lavish parties in private homes, they exploited every opportunity to have fun.

    Sherrill Bodine is an author, fashionista, and world traveler. She has published 19 romance novels, co-wrote a comic book, and was a contributing columnist to the Chicago Sun-Times. She currently resides in Chicago where she frequents fashion shows and charity galas with her longtime Prince Charming.

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