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    New Year's Reading Resolutions

    We all love books, so in 2014, we're pledging to become better readers.

    1. Read a classic novel.

    2. Recommend books to your friends.

    3. And stop them from reading the bad ones.

    4. Read the book before the movie.

    5. Stay in on a Saturday night and get lost in a new world.

    6. Join a book club.

    7. Shop at your local, independent bookstore.

    8. Go to a signing and buy the book.

    9. Post your book reviews on a blog or Goodreads.

    10. Try reading a new genre you have avoided in the past.

    11. Set a book reading goal.

    12. Look up the words you don't understand instead of skipping over them.

    13. Get the non-reader in your life to start reading.