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New Year's Reading Resolutions

We all love books, so in 2014, we're pledging to become better readers.

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2. Recommend books to your friends.


Read something amazing? Then you should shout it from the rooftops. Don't keep those hidden gems to yourself, share your reading recommendations with those you love.

4. Read the book before the movie.


Lots of movies are releasing in 2014 that are based on some stellar books. This is your chance to compare the two and see which is superior. Spoiler: the book usually wins out.

10. Try reading a new genre you have avoided in the past.


Genre stereotypes are SO 2013. In the new year, try reading a genre you've never read before. It may open up some doors for you (and your library!)

11. Set a book reading goal.

Can you read 30 books in year? A book a week? Challenge yourself and get to reading. Programs like Goodreads and Riffle can help you (and your friends) keep track!

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