How You Know Spring Has Sprung In Chicago

People ask us how we can live in such a cold, dreary place. The answer? Spring.

1. If you live in Chicago, you spend the entire winter plotting your escape. You ask yourself why don’t I just move to San Diego? There is no way you’re going to spend another year in this hellish tundra.

2. But wait! Just when you give up all hope, you realize Spring is here. Everyone in Chicago lets out a collective sigh of relief. Why, you ask? There is no equal to Chicago in spring. Pure. Unadulterated. Joy.

3. Here in Chicago, we look for those tell-tale signs that the city has emerged from hibernation. Sometimes it seems too good to be true.

4. Three months of sun, fun and play before the cold grip of winter returns. We don’t mind, we live in the present here, and it’s oh so wonderful

5. The first sign is opening day for the Cubs and the Sox. It’s a yearly ritual to welcome months of drinking in wrigleyville from 10am until you pass out.

6. You run into people you know walking along the street and it’s like running into your long lost relative. You both talk about how miserable the winter was and how amazing the weather is today.

7. Restaurants dusts off their outdoor seating areas. You prefer to wait an hour to eat outside over being seated immediately inside.

8. Michigan Avenue bridge opens to allow sailboats to return to their lake harbors.

9. You - and every other person in the city- take your first walk/run along the lake shore path since September. It’s pedestrian gridlock but you love it..

10. Armed with volleyballs and plenty of sunscreen to protect the pale skin you got this winter, swarms of people head to the beach. You claim your spot early and watch out for teenagers.

11. You spend your Sunday pedaling bikes rented from Bike and Roll or Divvy, stopping to take photos at Buckingham Fountain, which has been drained since September.

12. You sit diligently at the computer, refreshing Ticketmaster every 2 minutes, and score VIP passes to Lollapalooza

13. Street festivals kick off, providing great music and an excuse to drink during the day.

14. You identify the hottest new roof top bars. You claim a seat early and refuse to bar hop.

15. You soak up every minute and bask in spring’s glory…

16. …because Labor Day will be here before you know it.

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