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    Famous Authors And Their Dogs

    Forget booze, dogs are an author's best friend.

    Virginia Woolf and Pinka

    Pinka was a red cockerspaniel and served as inspiration for FLUSH: A Biography.

    Lisa Scottoline and her Canine Crew

    It started with Little Tony, a black-and-tan King Charles Cavalier puppy. Then came Peach, a Blehneim King Charles Cavalier, and soon after, Peach’s puppies, Daniel Boone and Kit Carsson. Herding together the entire pack is Lisa’s spunky spit-fire of a Corgi named Ruby. So much for writing being a solitary practice, huh?

    Stephen King and Marlowe

    Not only is King known for his corgis, but they're also featured in many of this books: “Horace” in UNDER THE DOME and “Daisy” in THE REGULATORS. After writing CUJO, we weren't surprised he's sticking with a smaller breed of dogs.

    Gregg Hurwitz, Simba, and Cairo

    Via Facebook: gregghurwitzreaders

    Anyone who follows Gregg on Facebook, knows his love for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Simba came first and currently weighs in at 100 lbs. Cairo is the baby, but is quickly catching up to Simba. Gregg writes every day with the two of them sleeping at his feet.

    John Steinbeck and Charley

    Steinbeck's French Poodle, Charley, is proof that dogs are the cure for writer's block. When Steinbeck felt like was out of ideas, he loaded Charley into his pick-up truck and drove across the country. I think we all know what the result was.

    James Rollins and his Golden Retrievers


    Before becoming a full-time novelist, Rollins ran a successful vetinerary practice, so it's no wonder that his house is always full of dogs. Currently, he has a pack of golden retrievers: Penny (pictured here), Duncan, and Echo.

    Laura Caldwell and Shafer

    These two are inseparable. Shafer accompanies Caldwell to media appearances, book signings, and occasionally, to lunch meetings. She's also the inspiration for Caldwell's upcoming novel, THE DOG PARK.

    William Faulkner and his Feists (or Fyces?)

    Many mistake Faulkner's pups for Jack Russell terriers, but if you've read his work, you know exactly what breed has a passion for. In GO DOWN MOSES, THE SOUND AND THE FURY, and other stories, there are multiple cameos from these hunting dogs.

    Gertrude Stein and Basket

    Stein and her partner, Alice B. Toklas, found Basket outside their country house. Basket converted them to poodle lovers, and after he passed, they found Basket II.

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