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Famous Authors And Their Day Jobs

...'cause we all gotta pay the bills.

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William Carlos Williams / Via

William Carlos Williams worked as a physician during his entire writing career. He was a pediatrician and a general practitioner with a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. We doubt there's too many doctors that write modernist poetry.

Dan Krokos


Dan pumped gas for nine years to put himself through college. He spent his days thinking about his story and taking notes on his phone. On his off days, he'd write from sun up to sun down, only stopping to eat. Now, at only 27 years old, he's had three novels published, two more are under contract, and he's the winner of the International Thriller Writers Award for best Young Adult book. We would say all that gas pumping has paid off.

Harper Lee / Via

The author of one of the great American novels worked as a reservation clerk at Eastern Airlines for eight years. A couple of her friends gave her a check and told her to quit her job and write for a year. A year later, she had written TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

James Rollins


Before becoming a bestselling author, James Rollins was a veterinarian and established his own practice. He continues to volunteer his time and vet skills in support of SPCA, and he's been known to work a dog into a few of his stories.

Harley Jane Kozak / Via

Not many authors can say they've been in front of the cameras, but Harley Jane Kozak has appeared in multiple plays and films. From films like Parenthood and All I Want For Christmas to soap operas such as Texas and Guiding Light, Harley was born to entertain.